chiang mai

  1. Perceblue

    Meeting freelance massage girls online in Chiang Mai

    Trying to find freelance girls in Chiang Mai online, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Sideline girls cater mainly for Thais. Unless able to read, write and speak fluent Thai, (Google translate doesn`t work because the girls use many Thai slang words that don`t translate) trying to...
  2. A

    Chiang Mai or Pattaya for 2 days?

    Trying to decide whether to spend 2 days of my trip in Chiang Mai or Pattaya? I've 2 days in Bangkok, 2 days in HCM Based on readings, Chiang Mai appeal is, light skinned younger girls. Concern is, if they only give HJ and that too without taking their clothes off, then thats not what I'm...
  3. Logan

    Aloha Massage Review - Prostate Massage - Chiang Mai, Thailand

    This is a full review with pictures for Aloha Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Aloha Massage is one of many massage parlors in Chiang Mai, and their speciality is prostate massages and four hand massages (with two girls). Before I decided to visit Aloha Massage, I talked with the receptionist...
  4. A

    Chiang Mai girls better looking than Bangkok or Pattaya?

    I read that Chiang Mai girls are more light skinned and less Westernized. Are Chiang Mai girls better looking than Bangkok or Pattaya? Any experiences?
  5. Logan

    Celeb Shower Massage - Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Celeb Shower Massage is a full service soapy massage parlor, located at 10-11 Charoen Prathet Road in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This famous soapy massage place in Chiang Mai is also known as Celebrities Shower Massage and Celeb@CNX. Celeb Shower Massage has been around Chiang Mai for many years. It...
  6. Logan

    Anime Kawaii Shop Review - Chiang Mai, Thailand

    This is a review of Anime Kawaii Shop, a massage parlor in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In the past, this place has also been called Anime Massage and Oshin Massage, and is a well-known place for erotic massages in Chiang Mai. My visit was on a Friday evening. I wanted to visit to a blowjob bar in...