1. Nutboi0069

    Vietnam Tour Company

    Do any of you guys have any experiences with any Vietnamese tour companies for tours anywhere in Vietnam? I want to plan a surprise tour for my girlfriend for 3 days 2 nights, but I have no idea where to get them. Many thanks.
  2. DucNguyen

    Vietnamese Parachutists - Full Service girls only by word-of-mouth

    Spoke to my cousins over the weekend and they told me about a group of pretty girls they know that offer their full services only by word-of-mouth. These girls are known as "parachutists"/paratroopers and supposedly come to a man's aid for some change. I liken they probably use Kynu as well...
  3. T

    Vietnamese girls in Hanoi versus Ho Chi Minh?

    I plan to visit Vietnam for the first time, and I just had some questions if you guys don't mind me asking. I would like to visit 1 city for a week in either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City specifically for the pay for play scene. I'm mostly interested in call girls from sites like Thiendia or Kynu...
  4. T

    Looking for Airbnb in Hanoi, Vietnam

    Hello single men, this is my first thread, and I appreciate the efforts exerted here. I will visit Hanoi next week, and I need any suggestions for an Airbnb room. As per photos, all owners have a rule not to bring a friend overnight. I need a place where I can bring a girl to stay with me...
  5. J

    Buying cannabis in Hanoi

    Looking for weed in Hanoi. Does anyone have any connections for some cannabis?
  6. N

    Meeting escorts in Hanoi, Vietnam

    I'm planning to meet an escort in Hanoi before I fly out of Vietnam in the next few weeks. It will be one of those girls that do the whole overnight thing for $300 to $350 USD. That's what I've been able to find on Escort websites for Hanoi. However, none of the girls have reviews, and I wonder...
  7. M

    Neko Massage - Full Review - Hanoi, Vietnam

    Here's my full review of Neko Nuru Massage in Hanoi, Vietnam. Logan's review for Neko Massage was the best review I read before heading down for this. Background This was my second last day in Hanoi. Kynu.net seemed promising with a lot of hot profiles, but the end-to-end process and the need...
  8. D

    Blue Spa Review - Hanoi, Vietnam

    This review is for Blue Spa in Hanoi, Vietnam. I tried to visit Mai Spa in Hanoi, since it seemed to be the most popular spa in Hanoi from another blog's comments. Unfortunately, Mai Spa at 87 Quan Hoa was closed for renovations, and I went to Blue Spa down the street at Ngo 5 Nguyen Khanh Toan...
  9. K

    First time at Neko Massage in Hanoi

    Hi @Logan, me and my friends are flying out to Hanoi for a week, and we are excited to learn Neko Nuru is close to our hotel. Since I have never experienced a sensual massage or happy ending, I was both nervous and curious on the practice. After reading your wonderful review about Neko Massage...
  10. B

    Hanoi versus Ho Chi Minh

    Guys, I am planning to visit Vietnam, and I'm not able to decide where to land... planning a 4 day trip... please recommend?
  11. A

    Full service massage in Hanoi?

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a full service massage place in Hanoi, Vietnam. I was very disappointed after going to Neko Massage and Emperor Spa because the girls at these places refused to provide full service. The best they could do was provide me their Facebook/Line contact to have sex with...
  12. J

    Blowjob Coffee Shops in Hanoi, Vietnam

    I've been researching blowjob coffee shops in Hanoi, Vietnam. For example, I found this place: Cafe Nhan 141 Nguyen Van Cu Hanoi, Vietnam Can someone explain the procedure for going to a blowjob coffee shop? You order a coffee, and then where will you get your blowjob?
  13. Logan

    Neko Massage Review with Pictures - Nuru Massage - Hanoi, Vietnam

    This is a full review with pictures for Neko Massage, a Nuru massage parlor in Hanoi, Vietnam. The first post of this review thread is about my entire Nuru massage experience, along with pictures of the Neko Massage establishment and private massage room. The second post of this review thread...
  14. Logan

    Buying condoms in Vietnam

    Where are you guys buying condoms and lube in Vietnam? Are you buying condoms at the typical convenience store? Or any places that have a better condom/lube selection?
  15. S

    Buying Viagra (Sildenafil) and Cialis (Tadalafil) in Vietnam

    I have been trying generic erectile dysfunction drugs in Vietnam, and I wanted to share my findings. I will update this thread as I try new ones. Viagra = Sildenafil Cialis = Tadalafil Most of these were purchased at different shops in Hanoi. The general pattern I'm seeing is that the generic...
  16. A

    Risk of getting an STD from blowjobs

    Hello all I’m about to be in Hanoi and was planning on visiting the Emperors Spa for a massage and blowjob. I was wondering what the chances are that I get an STD from a blowjob from one of the workers. Anyone have any experience in Vietnam getting blowjobs in massage parlors at all? Are they...
  17. S

    Buying PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) in Vietnam

    Are there any places to buy bottles of PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) in Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi for a tourist without a prescription? And what is the cost?
  18. H

    Meeting girls around Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi

    Hi guys, I am from Australia, and I've planned a trip to Kuala Lumpur and Hanoi in 1 week. I need some tips for having a good time and places for having the best sex around Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi, Vietnam? And has anyone tried one of the blowjob cafes in Hanoi? Thanks in advance.
  19. 1

    Oasis Massage Review - Hanoi, Vietnam

    Went to Oasis Massage in Hanoi, and the girl was super sweet. However, the rooms are quite run down so expect that. The facility is definitely not as nice as Neko Massage in Hanoi. I did the standard massage one could expect at these places so won’t go into detail. Then my girl turned me around...
  20. singlehandgod

    Bringing a girl to your Airbnb in Hanoi

    It's getting hard to book some of the good hotels that is easy to bring a girl to stay overnight. Does anyone had experience booking a girl friendly Airbnb place in Hanoi?