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  1. C

    Queen Bee Massage Bad Review - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    So I don’t know if anything changed from the time Queen Bee Massage in Ho Chi Minh was last reviewed, but I had a pretty bad experience today. Arrived at about 5pm on a Tuesday (August 7th, 2019) in the middle of a rainstorm. Was greeted by a couple of disinterested looking girls in the lobby...
  2. K

    Tiffany Spa in District 7, Ho Chi Minh

    Hello all! I’m new here but I’d love to pass this place along to you. Tiffany Spa is a great place for a great relaxing massage and BBBJ for 800K inclusive of tip. It is located at 50 Hoang Quoc Viet in District 7, Ho Chi Minh. Typically, you start in the steam room/sauna and then take a...
  3. A

    Vietnamese massage girls don't look the same as their photos

    I have been in Ho Chi Minh since August 3, and I wanted to try Queen Bee Massage, but I'm reluctant... After last night's experiences, when I booked girls online three times, I had to send them all back. They were not the same girls that were in the pictures :cry: This is an expensive way to...
  4. E

    Full Service in District 1, Ho Chi Minh

    Some of my old timer friends in Saigon have mentioned there are many places in District 1 Ho Chi Minh that offer full service between the range of 1.2M to 2M VND. I'm still finding these places and will give you guys an update. Lately, we always go to Bar 5 Saigon on 44-46 Pasteur for beers...
  5. DucNguyen

    Vietnamese Parachutists - Full Service girls only by word-of-mouth

    Spoke to my cousins over the weekend and they told me about a group of pretty girls they know that offer their full services only by word-of-mouth. These girls are known as "parachutists"/paratroopers and supposedly come to a man's aid for some change. I liken they probably use Kynu as well...
  6. C

    Clean Hot Tocs in District 1 - Ho Chi Minh

    Are there any places for a good hair wash, ear cleaning, facials, etc. at a reasonable price? Can anyone recommend any good hot tocs in District 1 or near Bui Vien street?
  7. D

    Vietnamese Savings Account earning High Interest - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    On my recent trip to Saigon, I saw 8%+ interest rates on savings accounts denominated in VND. If you as a resident of a high cost of living (COL) country had a stack of cash from savings, selling a business, your house, all your stuff, etc wouldn't it make sense to consider life hacking a fun...
  8. D

    Queen Bee Massage Review - District 7, Ho Chi Minh

    I just went to Queen Bee Massage in District 7 on Thursday (7/25/2019) around 2:00pm for the first time. The first girl I saw inside tried to scam me into the elevator right away, but luckily, I read Logan's review for Queen Bee Massage and avoided that. Asked for a lineup, which was a little...
  9. C

    Phung Thuy Massage Review - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    Ok guys - here's a feedback report about Phung Thuy Massage in Ho Chi Minh from someone who is Indian. Based on Logan's recommendations and suggestions from you guys, I have to report that I tried to follow everything suggested. And, boy, did it work! I ensured that I was well groomed before I...
  10. T

    Vietnamese girls in Hanoi versus Ho Chi Minh?

    I plan to visit Vietnam for the first time, and I just had some questions if you guys don't mind me asking. I would like to visit 1 city for a week in either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City specifically for the pay for play scene. I'm mostly interested in call girls from sites like Thiendia or Kynu...
  11. K

    Vinhomes Apartments - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    Does anybody have any experiences with Vinhomes? I will be in Vietnam for ~28 days, with possibly 2 others, and I thought might as well rent an apartment or something. Maybe a villa with separate bedrooms and bathrooms. Are these locations guest friendly?
  12. T

    Zeus Massage Review - District 1, Ho Chi Minh

    I went to Zeus Massage in Ho Chi Minh today, Tuesday around 4:00pm Very nice experience. This was my first time trying these kinds of massages (have done many salons in Vietnam for clean spa/massages though). I chose the 500K massage package, plus the expected 500K tip. And I can speak...
  13. L

    Massage spas along Ly Tu Trong - Ho Chi Minh

    Hello everyone, this is my first time in HCMC and i must say this forum has helped me a ton in regards to hot tocs. I was walking around ly tu trong street the other day and spotted this massage place called kawaii spa, the girls are all super gorgeous and the massages are said to be 290k on...
  14. YellowFever117

    Looking for a good KTV in Ho Chi Minh?

    As a foreigner, I've tried to explore a few KTV's in Ho Chi Minh on my own. Some of the KTV's refused me - Boss Karaoke in District 7 would not let me enter. The Little Japan Saigon area is for hookups, and is hit and miss and most girls are overpriced - one girl asked for 5M! I think they take...
  15. V

    Finding Vietnamese girls wearing ao dai

    I'll be visiting Saigon for a few days, and really like girls wearing Ao Dai, but except for Little Japan, I don't know of anywhere else where girls dress like that. I'm definitely gonna try it there at least once (for full service), but are there less expensive other similar places (where girls...
  16. E

    Freelancer Review - District 7, Ho Chi Minh

    Hello guys, Here is a review about a freelancer not affiliate to kynu. It was a quiet sunday without plans so I tried my luck with the wechat freelancers. I found one good looking and chat. The chat went well cause I can speak some vietnamese and she can speak very basic english. She send me...
  17. Z

    Freelancer girls in Saigon or Da Nang

    Hi all, I am flying in for 4 days next week and was wondering if anyone have any good referrals for girls who are the real deal. I don't have much time as this is a work trip to use the suggested options in this forums. They do involve some research and trial and error which I don't have enough...
  18. Logan

    Thien Hoang Hot Toc Review with Pictures - Nguyen Phi Khanh, Ho Chi Minh

    This is a full review with pictures for Thien Hoang Hot Toc, a blowjob bar located at 90 Nguyen Phi Khanh in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. About an hour before I came here, I went to Ozawa Massage in District 10, where I spent too much money for a handjob. I called a Grab Bike and headed...
  19. Logan

    Ozawa Massage Review - District 10, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    This is a full review for Ozawa Massage, located at 285/1 Cach Mang Thang Tam, District 10, Ho Chi Minh. This was a Friday afternoon, and I was sitting at the big Starbucks that's part of the New World Saigon Hotel in District 1. Whenever I'd look up from reading on my iPad, I'd see many...
  20. B

    Visiting Ho Chi Minh for 5 days

    Hello folks, happy Friday. I am coming to Ho Chi Minh on August 8 and will be there for 5 days. Can anyone recommend any good hotels in central location for all fun activities? And suggestions for day sight seeing ;) Thanks.