1. RagingCamel

    Independent Freelance Girls - Reviews and Contact Info

    Thought I would start a megathread, where we could share independent girls and their WeChat or Line or whatever. I was thinking we post a picture and review how they were, similar to a review site. Some guys are like me, going for a particular girl, and not playing a game of chance at a massage...
  2. DucNguyen

    Paying local rate versus foreigner rate for girls

    The foreigner rate is still cheap. Just an FYI, in this day and age, it is "the most rate" and it applies to every Tom, Dick, and Harry. That farang/foreigner is mostly seen in the Philippines these days.
  3. Logan

    Meeting massage girls in Bali, Indonesia

    Help others in our community by sharing the good places for massages, blowjobs, and sex in Bali, Indonesia. And we always welcome and encourage reviews of places in Bali because this helps everyone in our community. :)
  4. Logan

    Meeting massage girls in Jakarta, Indonesia

    The local community here has started to share some good places for meeting girls for massages, blowjobs, and sex in Jakarta, Indonesia. If you know good massage places, hotel massage spas, blowjob bars, etc. in Jakarta, please help others with the name of the place and what to expect. And we...