1. Perceblue

    Meeting freelance massage girls online in Chiang Mai

    Trying to find freelance girls in Chiang Mai online, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Sideline girls cater mainly for Thais. Unless able to read, write and speak fluent Thai, (Google translate doesn`t work because the girls use many Thai slang words that don`t translate) trying to...
  2. N

    Edging teasing massages in Bangkok, Thailand

    Hi, looking for recommendations for places in Bangkok that do edging/teasing massages. Where they tease you till you're about about to cum before stopping and letting you cool off, then starting again. Seems like most places only offer the standard handjobs where they try to make you cum asap...
  3. R

    My experience with Go Go Bars in Bangkok

    I don't know if my experience is the norm but this is what I found at the Bangkok go go bars. If you only have a few days do your research so you don't waste time. My objective was getting laid by really beautiful, thin, young Thai girls and I found 3 stunners at go go bars in Nana plaza and...
  4. A

    Chiang Mai or Pattaya for 2 days?

    Trying to decide whether to spend 2 days of my trip in Chiang Mai or Pattaya? I've 2 days in Bangkok, 2 days in HCM Based on readings, Chiang Mai appeal is, light skinned younger girls. Concern is, if they only give HJ and that too without taking their clothes off, then thats not what I'm...
  5. L

    Maria Hotel & Spa in Bangkok, Thailand

    Does anyone have any intel on Maria Hotel & Spa Entertainment Club in Bangkok? A few video on YouTube but details are vague. I will be visiting Bangkok, Pattaya, and Singapore in October. This is a great site BTW. Learn a lot! Thanks.
  6. D

    Massage girls in Mae Sot, Thailand

    Are there any massage parlors in Mae Sot, Thailand that offer handjobs, blowjobs, and full service? And where can I find freelancers in Mae Sot, Thailand?
  7. Logan

    Aloha Massage Review - Prostate Massage - Chiang Mai, Thailand

    This is a full review with pictures for Aloha Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Aloha Massage is one of many massage parlors in Chiang Mai, and their speciality is prostate massages and four hand massages (with two girls). Before I decided to visit Aloha Massage, I talked with the receptionist...
  8. A

    Chiang Mai girls better looking than Bangkok or Pattaya?

    I read that Chiang Mai girls are more light skinned and less Westernized. Are Chiang Mai girls better looking than Bangkok or Pattaya? Any experiences?
  9. O

    Thermae Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand

    I'm sure by now, many of you guys have heard about Thermae Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand. And if you haven't, the Thermae freelancer bar is why it's good to know about this "cafe" in Bangkok. Thermae Cafe is located on Sukhumvit road, which is Bangkok's famous tourist street. It's between the Nana...
  10. Logan

    Celeb Shower Massage - Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Celeb Shower Massage is a full service soapy massage parlor, located at 10-11 Charoen Prathet Road in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This famous soapy massage place in Chiang Mai is also known as Celebrities Shower Massage and Celeb@CNX. Celeb Shower Massage has been around Chiang Mai for many years. It...
  11. S outside of Vietnam

    I haven't been able to access for the last week. Disappointing; it seems to have been shut down. I've tried using a proxy to access from a Vietnamese IP, but that didn't work either.
  12. RagingCamel

    Independent Freelance Girls - Reviews and Contact Info

    Thought I would start a megathread, where we could share independent girls and their WeChat or Line or whatever. I was thinking we post a picture and review how they were, similar to a review site. Some guys are like me, going for a particular girl, and not playing a game of chance at a massage...
  13. C

    Blowjobs and Go Go Bars in Bangkok

    Hey all, I will be visiting Bangkok in about two weeks. I'll be there by myself for about five nights. I'm going there specifically for sex, but I thought I might have a bit of fun since I'll be there, without actually going al the way (I'm paranoid about catching something, and I don't have...
  14. DucNguyen

    Paying local rate versus foreigner rate for girls

    The foreigner rate is still cheap. Just an FYI, in this day and age, it is "the most rate" and it applies to every Tom, Dick, and Harry. That farang/foreigner is mostly seen in the Philippines these days.
  15. C

    Any racism towards South Asians?

    Planning to visit HCMC soon. These threads are very educative and I plan to visit some of these places. Was wondering that, since most tourists tend to be ‘white’ or ‘Asian’, has anyone heard of any of these girls refusing the ‘browns’? The Viets can be somewhat racist towards ‘browns’, or so...
  16. D

    Doki Doki Nuru Massage Review - Bangkok, Thailand

    My take on Doki Doki Massage in Bangkok, Thailand: Pros: Very efficient and professional front desk staff and I like how responsive they are on Line. . Massage girls are also on top of things and are extremely service oriented. First time doing Nuru was here at Doki Doki and it was a very...
  17. El JeanCal

    Thailand Transit Visa when traveling to Vietnam?

    At the end of month, I will travel to Vietnam with a layover in Bangkok. I will change airlines and maybe terminals in Bangkok, but I am not going to have any checked bags. Anyone know if I need a transit visa? Can I change terminals without leaving the international area and without passing...
  18. Nutboi0069

    Full service soapy massage parlors in Bangkok

    Guys, I need help. Where can i find a soapy massage parlor that includes full service in Bangkok, Thailand? Because our company is going to have a tour in Bangkok in late April to May 1, and I'm going to need some alone time to relax and chill for a bit before we drink all night on the first...
  19. B

    Meeting girls from Smooci in Bangkok

    Yeah, I’ve only used Smooci in Bangkok. It’s great. You make an appointment and they come to your location. I’ve always stayed in a higher end hotel with good security so you’re safe. They will call your hotel room to verify. Helps keep the girls safe too. They don’t want to get murdered...
  20. mark

    Best city for mongering - Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh?

    What is the best city for mongering as a single man? Most older expats I talk to love to mention Pattaya in Thailand, but I'm looking for a bigger city with more to do. What city do you prefer for mongering, Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh? Any other cities a single man should consider? What about the...