1. Logan

    Any experience with Gaigu in Vietnam?

    Happy 2020 everyone! I noticed has changed names to and I saw is another new site, trying to do the same thing for meeting Vietnamese call girls. Does anyone have any experience with Gaigu? And yes, I'm back. After an extended hiatus in Europe, I'm back in Southeast...
  2. Logan

    Thien Huong Dat Hot Toc - 80 Nguyen Phi Khanh - Ho Chi Minh

    Thien Huong Dat Hot Toc, located at 80 Nguyen Phi Khanh in Ho Chi Minh, has been permanently closed. It was open a few months ago, but the last time I walked on Nguyen Phi Khanh street, the doors were shut in the afternoon and all the signage has been removed. Let's hope another blowjob bar...
  3. T

    Karaoke and massage newbies in Ho Chi Minh

    Hi Guys, I'm new from Malaysia, going to HCMC next month with bunch of guys. We are staying at District 1.We were trying to find some nice karaoke with reasonable price and reasonable "Massage". I saw a post on karaoke by Hentaiprof, some of the fellow members suggested Sunflower KTV; New...
  4. Nutboi0069

    Tuan Tam Hot Toc Review - 84 Nguyen Phi Khanh

    Well, this was my first time going to Nguyen Phi Khanh street, and my experience at this blowjob bar was 60% blowjob and 40% handjob. After eating at Takashimaya Saigon Center, I was torn between going to Kim Huy Massage or a blowjob bar on Nguyen Phi Khanh street. My time was limited to 2...
  5. J

    Looking for night friends in Ho Chi Minh

    Hi guys, I live in Ho Chi Minh, and since I'm back on the market, I'm looking for buddies to hangout. I am open to everything from going to massage places, clubs, KTV's, bars, etc... All my friends are married now, and they don't hang out in this kind of places. I'm from France, but I was born...
  6. M

    Kynu vs NPK vs Queen Bee - Full Reviews - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    I'm back in Ho Chi Minh City and I'll be posting reviews of the places and girls I've patronised thus far. A number of forum go-ers are concerned that their inability to speak Vietnamese will affect their experience in Vietnam. Of course it would. The key is to focus on how you can circumvent...
  7. Perceblue

    Meeting girls in Dalat, Vietnam

    Next year during the smoky season here in Chiang Mai, a friend has asked me to accompany him to Dalat in Vietnam. I am thinking about staying from 12 to 14 days. But I explained to my friend that after visiting Ho Chi Minh, Danang and Hanoi last year and Vung Tau this year, that I was rather...
  8. M

    Looking for a sex female personal assistant in Ho Chi Minh?

    Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can hire a sex female assistant, personal, cleaning, and open to more... live in with pay.
  9. I

    First massage experience in Vietnam

    Hello people! My first time in Vietnam. I’m here in HCMC district 4. Looking for a great massage experience. Like the full package from showering to, massage, rimming, Bj, and FS. And possibly CIM. I’ve read a lot of all you guys great reviews and it’s got me super interested. And I want to...
  10. W

    Short trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    So I'm visiting HCMC once again in a couple weeks, and once again, I only have 2 days to take in all that I can. Been wanting to go back to Kim Huy massage and most likely will go back as soon as I arrive at HCMC, but I also wanted to try something different other than Hot Tocs. Been wanting to...
  11. C Girls Review - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    So kynu has this stupid policy where you can't post a comment unless you have signed up for 30 days. Obviously, I signed up to post a report to help the cummunity but now I have to wait 29 days to be able to post, completely retarded policy. Enough with this rant. So I've had 4 experience with...
  12. D

    Strip Clubs in Ho Chi Minh

    Does anybody know of any strip clubs in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam? Thanks!
  13. A

    Vien Dong Hotel Spa - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    I think most people here know about Vien Dong Hotel Spa in District 1, Ho Chi Minh. I've been here a few times, and I'm curious about their facial services? Do facials also come with happy endings?
  14. K

    Anyone want to smoke and massage in Ho Chi Minh?

    Anybody wanna smoke up and then head to my favorite massage parlor for a BBBJ and massage?
  15. Nutboi0069

    Vietnam Tour Company

    Do any of you guys have any experiences with any Vietnamese tour companies for tours anywhere in Vietnam? I want to plan a surprise tour for my girlfriend for 3 days 2 nights, but I have no idea where to get them. Many thanks.
  16. P

    Meeting girls in Da Nang, Vietnam

    Hi, I am going to Da Nang next month, can anyone advise how the girls and nightlife there? Where are the best place to find freelancers? Thanks in advance
  17. A

    Anyone want to visit a Japanese hostess bar in Ho Chi Minh?

    Does anyone want to join me and try a Japanese hostess bar in Ho Chi Minh?
  18. E

    Freelancer WeChat Girl Review - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    Hello guys, Here is a review about a freelancer wechat. On wechat, it is a well know place to find freelancer but most of them put photoshop pictures or fake profiles pictures. So I always require non photoshop picture and video call to up the chance to meet a hot babe. I found one gorgeous...
  19. DucNguyen

    Hostess Bars versus Clubs - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    Personally, i've always felt that bia oms or hostess bars/room salons were for companionship. This is why it is often overpriced. It is fun to go in a group every once in a while, for the experience, but picking up girls at clubs costs less.
  20. C

    Hostess Bars Information - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    Hi guys Most of the VN content here seems to revolve around massages and BJ places. But I feel there's a lack of information on the hostess scene. I'd like to share my experiences and it would be great to hear from you guys on yours. Why hostess bars? These places aren't for everyone. If sex...