2nd Vietnam Overnighter.

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Good morning from beautiful and overcast Vietnam! It hasn't rained hard once since i have been in-country.

4 hours ago, i had just sent the NPK gal i had frequented the last 2 days straight back to her work home/work place on a GoViet. She had booked it on her smartphone. Yes, we had discussed in my 2nd session possibly meeting up and going out and maybe even having me fully compensate her.

Last night, i was invited to a club with her and one of her working "sisters" and 13 of her friends at a very crowded and bustling Quan 10 club. When a fellow SMF bro LK and i had arrived on my motorbike after going KTV'ing at Sunflower KTV, we were taken inside (no charge) by my companion which led us through the club to an elevated VIP section where her friends/group were already drinking and "shisha-ing". We call this hookah in the States.

After spending about 3 hours into 3am at this predominantly techno music club, i had to drive LK home and then told her i would come back to settle my share of my bill and LK. She said don't worry about the bill. Just come back and pick her up so she can go to my place.

At about 0410am, i was back at the club, and called her and she came down and out and rode sitting sideways all the way back to my place in D4. We then showered together, and hopped in the sack. About an hour of talking and body rubbing, talking about life, struggles, and goals. She told me about many of the inner workings of these types of establishments, the economics behind them, and different personalities that come into the place, and how busy and slow the business can be. And what the life after this hopefully temporary stint will be. That was the goal part of the in-bed naked talk. Often bare naked talks are the most "intimate".

Needless to say, this extended night session was more about me, than it was for her, i think...

I won't go into the lurid details of this session, but i can look in the mirror and say the experience was worth way more than what i paid. All parties "got off", and never any mention or demand for any compensation other that what was discussed in the NPK. I also asked her what i owed for the club partying and drinks for me and SMF bro LK, and she said "nothing, don't worry about it" (in Vietnamese, of course).

I said thank you. This gal has a new home she built in a rural South of HCMC part of Vietnam, along the Co Chien river. She showed me pictures and did it for her mother, father, and cute little son, and her sibling sister, who is also in this line of work. They were both seamstresses at a garment factory but simply could not get ahead and ever buy or build a house. So i learned something.

The world is a better place when everyone has a home. And all women crave and need Security.

Face: Same as previous NPK #1 review.
Body: Better than NPK #1 review since i could see the other lower half.
Service: Couldn't ask for anything more.
Personality: 10

Humbly and Respectfully Submitted.
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How often do you go back? I’m going back in Dec. hopefully you’re there we can totally hangout and lust together...not with each other but you know what I mean. Lmao
She told me about many of the inner workings of these types of establishments, the economics behind them, and different personalities that come into the place, and how busy and slow the business can be. And what the life after this hopefully temporary stint will be.
Thanks for the report. It would be very interesting if you could expand on this - how the money works, what the girls make, how they are treated, how they react to different customers, Chinese, Caucasian etc.
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Thanks for the report. It would be very interesting if you could expand on this - how the money works, what the girls make, how they are treated, how they react to different customers, Chinese, Caucasian etc.
Seems like a wrote this such a long time ago, Meo Den ("black cat"). First, i didn't read Nutboi0069's response while I was on vacation/visit to HCMC. So please allow me to respond belatedly to Nutboi0069, first.

Nutboi0069, i knew your WeChat attempt was going to fail or "miss", and it sort of did. I let you do whatever you wanted knowing we/I would never meet QUALITY girls in that manner, but went along with it, so you could learn. You learn by experimenting, and "doing".

Now to Meo Den's questions:

1) In a typical NPK, the total tab is 400K VNd. Of this, the girl gets to keep half, or 200K VNd. Whatever tips she gets from the client, is all hers. This is why i am a generous tipper. People in the service business have humbled themselves to serve other's needs, and it's the least we can do as a show of appreciation. It's also good form, good practice.

Typically, an average gal/service provider will get 2-3 customers per day, again, on average. Sometimes, they get zero. Sometimes, they get a rich and generous client who can give them upwards of 1M VNd. Rare, but it does happen. Most of the time she tells me, it's Vietnamese from overseas. Or from an older, well-heeled Gentleman. I get it.

2) Girls are treated like how you would be treated working for your boss. You have set hours, a schedule, and you adhere to it. Typical staff of a place/"hot toc" is 5-6 service providers on average. They have their 1 day off per week, and they usually come from afar (Saigon is expensive compared to many other rural towns and cities). Everyone has their own lives aside from work, as life is hard for everyone, some more than others. Boss provides shelter while they are there, and food. Everyone contributes if i remember correctly, 50K VNd per day, and everyone rotates their daily chores.

3) They react to different customers how customers treat them. Makes sense, they, like us, are Human. They go through the same life struggles. I remember reading that Logan said he doesn't speak Vietnamese but makes a valiant attempt to smile, ask how they're doing, being kind, avoiding judgment, etc. Basically, Logan had it right. You treat people with respect and kindness and it goes a long way. Chinese customers she tells me often are the cheapest and can be difficult, and they rarely ever get any Indians or blacks. Caucasians about 20%, and she tells me they are very straightforward and for the most part, gentle. Again, overseas Vietnamese or "Viet Kieus" are the most generous and easy-going. Remember, this is just one gal's assessment.

I truly believe that no matter what the race, how you present yourself initially makes all the difference. If you're soft-spoken, mild-mannered, dress clean, practice good hygiene, people from everywhere notice. Human beings are wired to form opinions based on first impressions, and also we're all cognizant of the little things, especially when first meeting someone new, we're all on our guard to some extent. The key, like Logan's post i read from a while back in another thread, is to break the ice and make others feel comfortable.

Some of the most effective sales people and keen business people i've met over the years figure out quickly how to establish a good rapport. It makes basic common sense, if you want things to go smooth and to create bonds/relationships that yield great benefits.

For myself, i am blessed because i came from poor refugee beginnings. So i still possess that innate ability to garner peoples trust, and they sense that quickly. But i also have been lucky and fortunate over the years to have met people who i trusted, that have enabled me to grow. Humility has always served me well, sometimes let me down by being taken advantage of, but for every lesson and every person you meet that disappoints you, there are always 2 or more in that silver lining that you come across in life that make up for some of the mishaps.

I am blessed and glad to have met her. And i know she was more than happy to have met me. Life goes on.

**Edited to add: Women in this line of business and even in the mainstream have the uncanny ability, whether inherently innate or acquired, to weed out the real Men from the boys.
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Now to Meo Den's questions:
Your reply chimes with my own experiences.

About five years ago they put he price up at NPK from 250k to 300k and it was at that time that some shops notably Tuan Tam started charging foreigners 400k. When I paid the mamasan I tried to see what the girl got and it looked like 50% so at least they were getting some of the extra. Once I met a Vietnamese guy downstairs and wrote down and showed him what I paid and he was shocked. I do wonder if locals resent foreigners pushing up prices (400k would be a lot for many) or if they just see it as not affecting them.

I'm surprised that the girl you spoke to esimated an average of 2-3 customers per day. That's a lot of waiting around, but I suppose it's a good salary when you add it up, more than twice a new graduate's. I know most of the girls sleep in the shops. Several have shown me photos of their children back in their home provinces.

I agree with your comments about treating people well. Some time ago I had a great performer and when I revisited her she said she had a sore throat and asked me to take another girl. A few days later I returned with some medicine for her, sat with her downstairs and explained how she should use it. This small act of consideration went a long way and sunsequently I was rewarded tenfold. In a similar situation when I left something for a girl at an MP I even got an email of thanks. Later I got her to shave me and when I offered to tip for this she refused, saying she just wanted to do something for me.

Treat decent people decently is great advice.

Not that everyone in the prostitution business is decent, far from it.

Thanks for your insights.