7-Heaven Review - Bangkok, Thailand

I went to the blowjob bar 7-Heaven in Bangkok for the first time, and this was my last blowjob bar in Bangkok before leaving Thailand. And damn, I would say it's worth the price if you are looking for quality. Compared to the top talent at other blowjob bars, which usually has one or two decent girls, 7-Heaven is full of women that are very easy on the eyes. Very beautiful.

Before going, when I first searched for 7-Heaven in Bangkok and saw their prices listed on their website, the blowjobs at 7-Heaven are almost double the price of other blowjob bars in Bangkok. And it's up to the girl to decide about letting you cum in their mouth of their hands :confused: WTF given that the overall quality of the girls at 7-Heaven are much better looking, that is an insane price for a handjob finish. This place seems to cater mainly to Japanese clients, which is why the price is very high. I've noticed East Asian men prefer young slim girls and are willing to pay for this type of girl.

When you go to 7-Heaven in Bangkok, it's going to be just under double the price of other blowjob bars. 7-Heaven is 1300 THB ($42 USD) compared to 700-800 THB at other blowjob bars. But if you want a beautiful girl, then you need to pay up!

The handcuff blowjob option is a bit pointless IMO. They are literally handcuffed from behind, but they seem to struggle with it, and it was easier to let her take the handcuffs off. I know the point of the handcuffs is to receive a no hands blowjob, but it just wasn't worth the extra 300 THB for this option.

One unexpected thing that occurred during my experience at 7-Heaven was she used some lube to jerk me off and suck too. Shortly before I cum, she was jerking me off and I shot some cum, but she actually started sucking again to catch the rest of my cum. Most girls at blowjob bars would tend to finish you off with their hands when this happens, but this was a pleasant surprise. I tipped her 100 THB because she was good at her job and sexy as fuck! I believe her name was Honey.

BTW I asked about fingering her but she wanted an extra 500 THB. Nope.

All in all, a great place, but a bit pricey.
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@schnyc thanks for these updates and reviews! I enjoyed reading them!

I agree with you about 7 Heaven being on the expensive side, but the girls tend to be much more attractive here.

I was hoping you would check out Doki Doki Massage, to hear your experience, because I really want to try this place out. Next time I'm in Bangkok, I will make it happen.

Are you still traveling in Asia?
And the one place I have not been to yet, but is at the top of my list of places to visit is the new Doki Doki Massage for the full Japanese Nuru massage experience in Bangkok. I tried going here once before, but they were closed. It's expensive, but you can choose the girl, and everything I've heard about this place has been nothing but exceptional. I will definitely go here the next time I'm in BKK.
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