Advice for a newbie going to Nguyen Phi Khanh hot tocs?

Hi, everyone.

I will be traveling to Saigon soon, and wanted to check out these hot toc places on NPK. Thing is, this will be my first time being there and receiving this sort of service. I speak average Vietnamese (American born), so communication shouldn’t be a problem. Would anyone be so kind to share some advice with a first timer like me? What to expect and look out for and such? Possibility of scam?

Thank you.
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Welcome to Saigon! You will probably have a much better experience than most because you already speak Vietnamese. Knowing the local language will definitely help because you can talk with the girls to make them feel comfortable and at ease. Smile, be fun and friendly, and you'll be fine.

I know scams can happen anywhere, but most of the places you need to worry about are the massages at Bui Vien street. I would not worry about the blowjob bars at Nguyen Phi Khanh street. I have frequented NPK many times, and here's some general tips and advice based upon my experiences.

I don't have any anxiety about safety or belongings at these places, but I also do not show up with too much cash or flash any valuables. I always carry a backpack in Vietnam, and usually have my laptop and camera inside, but I never worry when I enter into any blowjob bars on NPK. When the girl brings you to your massage room, she will inform you to get undressed while she steps out for a few minutes to get a blowjob cleaning kit. During this time, I place my backpack somewhere I can see it, undress, and place my clothes on top of my backpack. And at any time during the blowjob session, I can visually see my belongings. Sometimes, the girls will help you take your clothes off to hang them from the wall hooks, but again, you can see your clothes and they shouldn't mess with anything.

My wallet with credit card and most of my cash is always secured safely in a zippered pocket. When I walk in, I have exactly 400,000 VND in my front pocket. After the blowjob finishes and the girl washes me off, I get undressed and pay her. I have the exact money I want to pay ready to go.

I know the local Vietnamese men complain because the price for a blowjob at NPK is 200,000 or 300,000 VND, and sometimes the captains at these places will quote first timers 500,000 if they think they can get away with it. I don't talk or ask how much for anything. I just walk in, choose my girl, enjoy my blowjob experience, and pay the massage girl directly 400,000 VND as I'm getting dressed in the room. On the very rare occasion when a girl goes well above providing exceptional service, I will hand her 500,000 VND, but that usually never happens. If it does happen, ask for the girl's name so you can see her again on a repeat visit.

Some people pay the money to the person sitting inside, near the entrance. I always pay the massage girl directly as I am getting dressed and she is cleaning the room. And then I walk out with the girl. I try to pay in denominations of 100,000 VND so the girl can pocket her cut easily, and I assume she hands the remaining to the captain for the house fee.

When I first started going to these places, I had some anxiety about choosing a girl. Now, I feel very comfortable with it. Sometimes, when the captain calls me in from the street, I say "ok I choose girl" and he will round up all the girls in the lobby so I can choose which one I want. These girls could care less, and they will act totally uninterested. Most will stay busy on their phones, chatting or playing games, or lounging around sleeping or relaxing. If you do not see any girls to your liking, be polite and say thank you and walk to the next blowjob bar on NPK. Some of the captains can be a bit aggressive because they want to get you into their hot toc before you keep walking on the street. Their tactic is to say to you "take a look" and I'll pop my head in and look at the girls, but I'm not afraid to excuse myself and say thank you if I don't see any girls that I like. Remember, the selection of girls at these places can vary some dependent on the time and day of the week. If you find a girl you like, ask for her name, and she will be happy if you request her upon a repeat visit.

The last thing I would recommend is your personal hygiene. Before the girl gives you a blowjob, she will wash your chest and between your legs, but I still recommend being clean and presentable when you arrive. Vietnamese girls often complain about smells and odors. Wash yourself good and try not to stink. If possible, I try to take a shower, or I'll sit at the coffee shop in the air condition for some period of time before so I don't arrive too hot and sweaty. I don't want the girl to be turned off when I arrive.

If you take a Grab or taxi to NPK, take it to the Highlands Coffee on the west end of NPK or the Phuc Long Coffee at the east end of NPK, and then walk to where you want to go. Smile and be friendly with the girls, and try to make them feel comfortable, and speaking some Vietnamese will definitely help. Try to relax, enjoy the experience, and don't be passive if you don't see any girls you like and continue walking along NPK.

Please let us know which hot tocs on Nguyen Phi Khanh you visit and how things go. And please post up if you have anymore questions or need advice about anything.

I just joined here ... and I am very happy with the content on this Forum, it really helped solve my problem :D ...

I will stop in Ho Chi Minh City for 2 days, and think of exploring a beautiful girl with ao dai clothes.

I have read to fill in all content in the forum about that location. very much!! keep me here.

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Any recommendations on what time during the day to go? Would going around 6:00pm be too early/late?
Around 6:00pm should be a great time to go because the girls should be rested from their afternoon naps, and it's before they get busier later in the evening hours.

The earliest I've gone is around 1:00pm after lunch, and the latest I've gone is around 11:00pm, and all of these hot tocs are open and ready to please. At different times of the day, you may see more captains outside trying to solicit you, especially as they see a foreigner talking a casual stroll down Nguyen Phi Khanh street :)

I have noticed that in the early afternoon, the girls are often sleeping. There has been a few times the captain rounded up all the girls for me to choose, and they had to scream a few times to wake up some of the girls sleeping on the floor and in the back room area. Some of the girls looked sleepy as they stood there waiting for me to hurry up and choose one of them. One time, I chose a very attractive girl who had just woken up, and it took her a few minutes to act more awake and interested. I've never felt like any of the girls have an attitude, but some girls care more about providing a blowjob than others. In my second review of Tuan Tam Hot Toc, I chose a very beautiful girl, but she only gave me a handjob that night. You're more than likely going to get a blowjob at these places, but the ratio of blowjob to handjob varies by the girl. Some girls will deep throat, and some girls will let you cum in their mouth. I recommend making repeat visits to the different blowjob bars on Nguyen Phi Khanh :)

Let us know how it goes. Cheers!
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@Logan Thanks for all the useful info. I look forward to adding this to my list of mongering "haunts," starting this next trip!

As an aside, I noticed on google streetview, that there are some additional "Hot Toc's" that run on Vo Thi Sau, around the corner from NPK. Since Hot Toc just means haircut, I'm curious to know if perhaps those are legit barbershops, or if maybe you have had experience with those on the outside of NPK

Oh, also, one thing I noticed, it seems from streetview most of the Hot Toc's are concentrated more towards the central/western end of NPK, can you confirm?
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@Logan Thanks for all the useful info. I look forward to adding this to my list of mongering "haunts," starting this next trip!

As an aside, I noticed on google streetview, that there are some additional "Hot Toc's" that run on Vo Thi Sau, around the corner from NPK. Since Hot Toc just means haircut, I'm curious to know if perhaps those are legit barbershops, or if maybe you have had experience with those on the outside of NPK

Oh, also, one thing I noticed, it seems from streetview most of the Hot Toc's are concentrated more towards the central/western end of NPK, can you confirm?
When are you planning to be in Ho Chi Minh? Have you visited before?

There are "hot toc goi dau" places all over that area. Everything that I have seen appears to be legitimate haircut establishments, even though I double glance because the girls working there are usually wearing tight sexy dresses. Yes, there are multiple hot tocs running along Voi Thi Sau street. I have only found one on that street that offers extra blowjob services - Hoai 42 Hot Toc, located at 42 Vo Thi Sau street. I have not been to Hoai 42 Hot Toc yet, but I plan to go soon and will post up a full review. From what I understand, there are two floors, and the sexy Vietnamese girls working there all dress the same, downstairs and upstairs. Downstairs is for legitimate haircuts, and upstairs is for massages with happy endings. When you arrive, ask for a massage and you'll be led upstairs to a private massage room. I cannot confirm the prices because I have not been, but it's supposed to only be a bit more expensive compared to the hot tocs on NPK street.

Here is a list of the blowjob bars on Nguyen Phi Khanh street, and you're right, they are grouped towards the central/western end of the street. If you go to any of them, please let us know how your experience was. I was just at another one a few nights ago and will be posting up a review shortly.

Enjoy Saigon! Cheers! :cool:
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@Logan I should be there at the end of October. Going on my annual visit to Bangkok and making a side quest to HCMC. I'll make sure to give a detailed report once the mission is complete.
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400k for a BBBJ seems a bit high, doesn't it? On Kynu you can get FS starting at around 300k.

Is it possible to get a BBBJ at a hoc toc for 200k? Are there any particular ones that do this?
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@Somerset Kynu... I had t look that up. There are some girls on there only asking for 200K for FS with 1 pop. If that's legit, WOW! How does Kynu work? Is it outcall or incall or both? Do you (or any others) have experience with Kynu?

[EDIT] Disregard, I should have RTFF. I see now there are threads that discuss Kynu.
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When you go to a blowjob bar at Nguyen Phi Khanh, you can see the girl before agreeing to the blowjob. You know what she looks like, and the entire experience is 400,000 VND when it's all said and done, super easy and quick.

When it comes to meeting Vietnamese girls on, you are going off photos, which have most likely been photoshopped too much, and you're making arrangements with a working girl at a love hotel. You have to setup the appointment, which takes time and translation, and you must go to the love hotel that she prefers. You also have to pay for the love hotel, factor in 2 hours for that cost. And generally speaking, the quality of the girls only get better as the price increases. And don't forget to use Google Translate to read the reviews of the girls... a lot of time goes into the entire experience.

I do not know which one is the better value, but each experience is different and there are too many unknowns with, not to mention the amount of time and energy required to setup meeting the girl. With NPK street, you just show up, blowjob, and leave. At NPK, you can pay extra for full service, and as with anything in Vietnam, all prices are negotiable.

I've talked to local Vietnamese men, and they go to NPK street and pay around 250,000 VND for everything for a blowjob at NPK. They said it's around 120,000 VND for the ticket, and usually tip the same amount to the girl. They don't like foreigners coming in and paying 400,000 VND because it drives the prices up at these kinds of places. But 400,000 VND is the going rate that is quoted to foreigners walking on NPK, and $17 USD for a blowjob is still super cheap, especially compared to around the $30 USD I was paying for a blowjob in Bangkok.

I would love to hear about more people's experiences from in Ho Chi Minh.