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This is a full review with pictures for Aloha Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Aloha Massage is one of many massage parlors in Chiang Mai, and their speciality is prostate massages and four hand massages (with two girls).

Before I decided to visit Aloha Massage, I talked with the receptionist, and she made it very clear that all happy endings are only handjobs. Many massage spas in Chiang Mai only offer handjobs for happy endings, and it takes time to find massage spas offering anything more. For example, Mossa Hue Spa in Chiang Mai says only handjobs, but some of the young university girls working there will happily accept more money for blowjobs or full service. I never expected a blowjob or sex from Aloha Massage, and the only reason I chose this particular massage spa is because I wanted to try a prostate massage for the first time. I made an appointment for my preferred massage girl, showered, and headed over.

Aloha Massage
Aloha Massage is located at 49/8 Road on Suriyawong Alley in the Haiya Sub-District of Chiang Mai. It's an easy 15 minute walk from Suan Pung Gate, the southern city gate into Old Town Chiang Mai. If you take a Grab or Songathew (red taxi trucks driving everywhere around Chiang Mai), the easiest place to tell the driver is Wat Yang Kuang, which is a temple a few steps away from Aloha Massage. Coming from Nimman Road (Nimmanhaemin), a Grab Car costs 88 THB and a Songathew costs 40 THB. Aloha Massage is the only massage spa on this block of shops and houses. When I arrived, I took my shoes off outside and walked into the reception lobby.


A beautiful young Thai girl is working the reception desk and speaks English. There's another Thai girl working reception that speaks English and Chinese. Their massage menu is posted on the wall in English, Chinese, and Thai:
  • Thai Massage - 1 hour - 400 THB ($13 USD)
  • Oil Massage - 1 hour - 400 THB ($13 USD)
  • Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage - 1 hour - 600 THB ($20 USD)
  • Aloha Massage - 70 minutes - 1100 THB ($36 USD)
  • Four Hand Massage - 90 minutes - 2500 THB ($82 USD)
The Lomi Lomi is a native massage to Hawaii, where your entire body is massaged simultaneously using long flowing deep strokes, from head to toe, in one continuous motion. The Aloha Massage is a prostate massage, similar to a Karsai massage, where your entire genital system is massaged, to clear blockages in the lymphatic system, testicles, scrotum, penis, etc. And their Four Hand massage is two girls working together in perfect harmony to maximize the massage experience.

The sole purpose of this visit was to experience a prostate massage for the first time, and I chose the Aloha Massage package. The receptionist upsold me and suggested the oil massage and Aloha massage packages combined for 2 hours for 1400 THB. I agreed, paid her 1400 THB ($46 USD), and confirmed my massage girl. The second post of this review thread has pictures of the massage girls working at Aloha Massage. I had already made an appointment with my preferred massage girl before arriving, and I didn't have to wait after I paid reception.




I followed the receptionist down the hallway, past the massage girls talking with one another in their common area, upstairs to the second floor, and to my massage room. The massage rooms are separated by curtain walls, with very little light, and you immediately feel you're in a private room once you walk in. There's a massage bed laying on the floor, with pillow and towels, and a basket on the side for your clothes. Sheets are covering the window, an air conditioner above, and there's a dresser with a clock and tissue. I took photos of the massage room and have included them at the bottom of this post.

After a few minutes, my massage girl comes in and was all smiles. She was a young, beautiful Thai girl, and she looked much better in person than her photo. And from the very beginning, this felt like a true GFE (girlfriend experience). She was gentle and friendly, spoke enough English to converse, and looked cute dressed in a flight attendant costume. She helped me remove my clothes, I put everything in the basket on the side, and she has me lay down on the massage bed.

Oil Massage
I'm laying on my chest, completely naked, on this massage bed. There was mellow music playing in the background, and the sound of the rain outside. The weather was cool and perfect to relax and enjoy a massage. She starts at the bottom of my body, first massaging my feet, and then taking time for each leg. After massaging the lower body, she moves on to the upper body, massaging my back, shoulders, and arms. This was an excellent massage, and I felt very relaxed at this point. She puts massage oil in her hands and massages my entire body again using warm oil and always paying good attention to each set of muscle groups. This was an excellent oil massage for a good 40 minutes, and my body and muscles felt very relaxed afterwards.

Prostate Massage
After the oil massage, my massage girl asks if I need to use the bathroom because she is ready to start the prostate massage. I didn't need to go, and had already showered before coming. She instructs me to crouch on all fours, using my knees and hands to hold my body up. She spreads my legs, and this must be what it feels like to be in the passive (receiving) position of doggy style. This was a new position for me, and there's a beautiful girl sitting behind me with my ass in the air and everything hanging below.

It's difficult to describe everything this girl massaged because I could not see anything. She was taking her time, asking how I was feeling, and she knew exactly what areas to apply pressure and massage. There was some borderline rimming, and I could feel her fingers massaging every intricate muscle and tissue around my penis and between my legs. Her hands massaged every part of my genital system; she was methodic and nothing about this prostate massage was hurried or rushed. And then she has me turn around and lay on my back.

She sits between my legs, puts a towel over my abdomen, and continues with the prostate massage. My legs were resting around her body, allowing her to sit comfortably as she worked her hands and fingers everywhere between my legs. And then she naturally started to massage my penis, turning me on very slowly, and continuing to massage my entire genital system. I was feeling very relaxed and knew it would take extra time to get fully hard. She made everything feel natural and erotic, massaging my body to make me feel good and massaging my shaft with her hands to keep turning me on. She used the right amount of pressure, and I started to moan as she stroked me more. Every handjob motion was slow, erotic, deliberate. When I was fully erect, she continued with the same pace, slow and methodical. Too bad she wasn't naked, and I said I wanted to touch her body, but she would not allow. I squeezed her body some with my legs, and she used both of her hands to massage my shaft, back and forth. She continued to take her time, not rushing anything as I was fully hard. She was giving me a slow handjob, and when she knew I was close to cumming, she continued with the handjob strokes and has me cum onto the the towel. And as I'm cumming, she continues to use both hands to massage every last drop out of me.

After the handjob, she continued to massage me slowly and naturally around my genital and legs. My legs were still resting around her body, and I'm laying on my back feeling relaxed as we talk back and forth. We talked about several different subjects, and she was happy because it was much more enjoyable for her when she can talk and interact with her customers. She was in her early 20's and was single because of her job. She was content with being single because she gets to play with men every day. She works six days a week to take care of her family; she was a sweetheart of a girl, kind, and friendly. She said they have many repeat customers, and some men come daily, changing the massage package and trying different massage girls. Most men come for either the Aloha massage or the Four Hands massage. She loves a four hand massage because she works with another girl there, and she said both of them will do the exact same massage movement on each side of the body for an amazing feeling.

After she massages the rest of my entire body, a full two hours had passed, and she asked if I wanted to take a shower. I asked if she would join me, knowing she would not. She picked up a fresh towel and led me upstairs to the third floor, where there were more massage rooms and a separate bathroom and shower. I wash and cleanup, wrap the towel around my body, and walk back downstairs to my room. My girl was cleaning the room, and she hands me the basket with my clothes to get dressed. I asked her about the other floors, and she said many of the girls have a room for sleeping at night on the fourth floor. They can sometimes be very busy, with customers coming late into the evening hours.

She gives me a hug and kiss when we leave the room, and she walks me downstairs to reception and says goodbye. It was raining outside, and I sat in the lobby, drinking water, and talking with the girls at reception. The girls were nice and friendly, and it was fun to talk about various things in their massage business. They said 50% of their customers are Chinese, which makes sense because there's an extraordinary high amount of Chinese tourists in Chiang Mai. Because of recent discussions about Indian people in Southeast Asia, I asked the girls about Indian customers, and they have no problem with them. They mentioned having one Indian customer, who is very rich, and comes several times a week for massages. After visiting with the girls, the rain stopped, and I started walking towards Old Town to find something to eat for dinner.

Final Thoughts
For a prostate massage, I highly recommend this massage spa, but I would recommend going elsewhere in Chiang Mai if you want a blowjob or full service. I spent too much money for this experience; I regret paying extra to add the oil massage. There was too much overlap with the two massages, and it would have been an exceptional enough experience to only choose the Aloha massage package and nothing more. This was my first prostate massage, and while I thoroughly enjoyed it, it's not something I need to experience again.

Everything about this entire experience, from beginning to end, made me feel this was a GFE (girlfriend experience). Nothing about the massage was hurried or rushed, and she would take her time and periodically ask me how I was feeling. The girls seem to genuinely care about their job and trying to maximize pleasure for every client. And of course, they are encouraging their customers to make repeat visits to try alternate massage packages with another girl (or two).

I asked my massage girl about six hands (three girls). She said nobody has ever requested this, and she would not recommend because what will the third girl do :ROFLMAO:


Southeast Asia
Here are pictures of the massage girls working at Aloha Massage in Chiang Mai. The girl's corresponding name and number is shown in each photo. I've also included their full massage menu, which is written in English, Chinese, and Thai.



Great review, but at the end of the day this is still only a glorified HJ.

Having now visited several of these HJ parlors, laying back and thinking of England while some girl tugs at my togger just doesn't do it for me any more.

I at least need some additional stimulation, like the girl being naked, maybe kissing or feeling the girl to make the experience more interesting, especially considering this service is no bargain for the prices asked.

I think the majority of Chiang Mai massage parlors are now offering happy endings because business is not so good any more. Even some of the older women will oblige for an extra 300 to 400 baht.
Experienced a lot of shops in Chiang Mai. I still feel that Aloha Massage parlor is better, suitable for tasteful guests, it is worth recommending :cool:

(By the way, don't be taken to the bar or KTV by the local drivers there. My friend was defrauded 40,000 THB, and nothing was obtained.)
Nice (though somewhat lengthy) review, but what is done at Aloha is definitely NOT a prostate massage.
I had several prostate and genital massages in various parts of SE Asia, and reading Logan's blog he should actually be quite experienced, but I can assure you this has nothing to do with your prostate. I'm surprised that the shop even dares to use such wording because one day it might disappoint some customers, it certainly disappointed me!
What is offered at Aloha is a teasing handjob that is sometimes carried out well, slow and methodical, and at times cold and mechanical.
I had 2 different masseuses and really the experience varies, the second girl cut the teasing short and rushed to the wanking as gals do in the tourist streets.
What is good is that the manager actually did spare an effort to provide the girls with some HJ techniques, that's clearly noticeable, but then it's up to the girl to carry it out nicely and that doesn't always happen because actually the girl doesn't really know what she's doing around 'the prostate', she doesn't even know the word.
Overall, I didn't mind about the experience and I didn't complain because the teasing and pleasing was nice enough the first time, but don't expect a real prostate or even karsai massage. For that, there are a few other busineses in Chiangmai that are doing a more proper job.
A big downturn about Aloha are the curtain rooms, they definitely don't feel like private rooms you can find in the better places. I was lucky I had my massage during a quiet time in the day, but minutes after I let my little boys flying and swimming, another customer was put right besides me behind the veil and it would surely have been appalling both for him and for me to share that experience.
Overall, I give Aloha a little plus compared to general massage stores for just a HJ, but both for a HJ and for a real prostate or karsai you're better off at other stores.
Here are pictures of the massage girls working at Aloha Massage in Chiang Mai. The girl's corresponding name and number is shown in each photo. I've also included their full massage menu, which is written in English, Chinese, and Thai.

all of them are beatifull goodlooking and so Young but so experienced -- thais still make me ot and surprised even after 17 years now-.