Anime Kawaii Shop Review - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Southeast Asia
This is a review of Anime Kawaii Shop, a massage parlor in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In the past, this place has also been called Anime Massage and Oshin Massage, and is a well-known place for erotic massages in Chiang Mai.

My visit was on a Friday evening. I wanted to visit to a blowjob bar in Bangkok before flying to Chiang Mai, but I didn’t have enough time between packing and getting to the airport. I landed in Chiang Mai full of frustration and needed a release.

Looking online, I wasn’t able to find any dedicated blowjob bars in Chiang Mai. Every place was a massage parlor focused on erotic massages with extra services. Some massage parlors only offered handjobs, and others had full service available. I've never been to a massage parlor and wanted to try and see what happens.

I decided on Anime Kawaii in Chiang Mai because of their easy system to see the girls and schedule an appointment before visiting. I sent a message to their Line, and they quickly responded with pictures of 9 girls who were available for this particular day. I made my choice and scheduled 60 minutes for an oil massage for 400 THB ($12 USD), which they confirmed. I took a shower, and started walking to Kawaii Massage.

In the past, Anime Kawaii was previously named Anime Massage and Oshin Massage. Every day, the girls wear a different uniform style. On this particular day I was going, they told me the uniform style was a Thai style uniform. Other days, the uniform might be Japanese style, etc.

Anime Kawaii is located across the street from the Chiang Mai YMCA within a housing neighborhood where you would never expect any erotic massage parlors. I was feeling dehydrated and wanted some water before my hour long massage, but there wasn't a 7-Eleven anywhere in the neighborhood. As you arrive to the massage parlor, there's a small family bakery called Beloved Cake Shop, where I drank a bottle of cold water for 10 THB and was prepared to see what happens from here.

I walked into Anime Kawaii, removed my shoes, and the girl at the front reception confirmed my appointment with the girl I had chosen. She had me follow her upstairs to the second floor. There were several girls sitting around the first floor, and every one of them was only focused on whatever they were doing to pass the time. Some of the girls were chatting on their cell phone, some girls were stitching and sewing, and none of the girls were paying attention to anyone coming into the massage parlor. I was looking at the different girls and most were average, but there was one girl looking very beautiful. I thought about the pictures of the girls I saw earlier on the Line app, and I couldn't determine which girl she was. Because I already had my appointment scheduled, I would ask about this one girl as I was leaving.

On the second floor, I was taken to a small room that was very basic. A mattress with sheets laid on the ground, a small clock was sitting next to the bed, and a clothes rack with hangers was in the opposite corner. I was told to undress and my massage girl would arrive shortly. I was slow to undress because I wanted to be standing there removing my clothes when my girl arrived, in order to try and and create some small talk to make her feel comfortable and easy going.

The girl knocks, comes in, and what a surprise... she was the same beautiful girl I noticed as I was walking upstairs! I had a huge smile and was happy to see this was the same girl I had chosen from the pictures on the Line app. She looked much better in person than in the pictures. We talked for a few minutes as I finished undressing. She was 20 years old, from Chiang Mai, and had been working at this massage parlor for 3 months.

I'm now laying on my chest, completely naked, on the mattress on the floor. She gives me an oil massage, which I would rate as below average. She sat on the mattress, next to me, and massaged each side of my back. She spreads my legs, sits between my legs, and massages the back of each leg. She also does some light, sensual touching to start arousing me more. She has me turn over on my back, with my legs still spread, and she continues to turn me on more.

She asked me if I wanted a special massage. I asked for a blowjob, and she politely said no and said she would only do a handjob. I asked a second time for a blowjob and received the same response. I really wanted a blowjob, but I didn't want to ask again.

I asked how much, and she said 600 THB ($18 USD) for a handjob, and she would remove her clothes for an extra 400 THB ($12 USD). I tried negotiating a better price, but she would not budge. This entire experience was going to cost me 1400 THB ($42 USD) for a massage and a naked handjob. After paying 700 to 800 THB for a blowjob in Bangkok, this seemed very expensive. But I really wanted to see this girl naked, and I was already turned on. I agreed on the 1400 THB, and she was very happy to hear this.

She stands and slowly starts to remove her uniform, piece by piece. And she did not disappoint, she was a beautiful girl. She placed a towel over my right leg and sits naked on my leg as she started to give me a handjob. She said I can touch her anywhere, but to not touch inside her. The way she was sitting firmly on my leg, it was impossible to finger her inside or grab her from the rear, but I could touch everywhere else. Her skin was perfect, and her body was lovely. Too bad her handjob skills were not that good, but I was still turned on. She uses more oil, continues to give me a handjob for another 5 minutes, and I release. And it's at this point, I realized the obvious... this did not feel as good as a blowjob.

I continued to lay there, relaxing on my back, and watched her get dress. I was taking my time, enjoying this beautiful 20 year old girl in front of me. She took her time to dress, and offered me some drinking water and a shower to cleanup. After she left the room, I grabbed the towel and walk outside of room, down the hallway to a small shower bowl to wash off as much oil as I could. I don't know for sure, but I think the quality of the baby oil they use is very poor because it wasn't coming off my body easily.

I dry off and walk back to the room. As I'm getting dressed, the girl is cleaning the room and changing the bed sheets. I hand her 1400 THB, and she says thank you. She said 400 THB will go to the house, and 1000 THB goes to her. I did not tip her because the service was not that good. This was not a blowjob, and I knew I was never going to come back again. The only thing that made this experience good was I had a beautiful, naked 20 year old girl touching my body. Too bad I couldn't do more with her.

As I was walking through the neighborhood away from the massage parlor, I realize how unsatisfying a handjob is. There's something special about a blowjob without a condom and then cum in a girl's mouth. I prefer this over sex. I miss the blowjob bars in Bangkok.
I have visited the Anime Kawaii Shop 3 times usually as a last resort because couldn't find anything better and the prices are reasonable.

They do have a good selection of pretty girls and most are friendly, although their English language is practically non-existent.

I usually go for the 1 hour body scrub and one hour oil massage.

The girls change 500 THB extra for a handjob and 1000 THB extra for the girl to get naked. So in total, 1900 THB.

But the place is a dump and the service is very inhibited. Once I made the mistake of visiting during the colder season in November. I felt really cold having the body scrub, a room that has an open grid window and in the massage room there are no windows. It felt like walking into a fridge. I asked the girl to turn off the air-con but she refused and only turned the settings down a little. After the first 10 minutes felt like I was going to die from hypothermia in there. So cold in-fact that I put on my tee-shirt and wrapped a towel around me then told the girl to just massage the lower part of my body. So be warned, if you feel the cold, the months of November to February are not good times to visit.

The girls seem to have 10 ft long arms and if trying to sit up and touch the girls they might let you have a quick feel of their tits or pussy for a few seconds and then they`ll either pull back or push you away.

It's really just an overpriced glorified handjob, so if your expectations are low, you won`t be disappointed.