Any racism towards South Asians?

Planning to visit HCMC soon. These threads are very educative and I plan to visit some of these places. Was wondering that, since most tourists tend to be ‘white’ or ‘Asian’, has anyone heard of any of these girls refusing the ‘browns’? The Viets can be somewhat racist towards ‘browns’, or so I’ve heard
Planning to visit HCMC soon. These threads are very educative and I plan to visit some of these places. Was wondering that, since most tourists tend to be ‘white’ or ‘Asian’, has anyone heard of any of these girls refusing the ‘browns’? The Viets can be somewhat racist towards ‘browns’, or so I’ve heard
Where you from bro?
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It's unfortunate, but true, about Vietnam people not liking darker skinned people. :(

The first thing has to do with skin color, and the second thing has to do with smell. You can mitigate the latter through personal hygiene. I know that sounds silly and dumb, but Vietnamese girls despise the smell of Indian food, Indian spices, etc. When you walk by Indian restaurants in Vietnam, you will never see local Vietnamese people eating there. When I ask the locals why they don't like Indian food, their response is always the same... they do not like the smell of the Indian spices used when cooking.

The darker your skin is, the more trouble you may have meeting the local Vietnamese girls, but you can still meet and hookup with them. I know this is not fair, but the better you present yourself, the easier things will be. Try not to eat Indian food, because you will smell of it when you sweat in the intense Vietnamese heat. If you put forth more effort towards dressing better, good personal hygiene, being nice and polite, you will still find success.

Incidentally, and unsure if this is related, but I would mention the society outlook of skin color in Asia is the opposite of what is perceived in America. For example, in America, the majority of society is white and they pay money for skin tans or lay out on the beach because most people want darker skin to be beautiful. It's the opposite in Asia, where people see more beauty in white skin, and they do everything humanly possible to keep the sun from touching their skin out of fears of getting darker. Each society has a different perception of beauty. o_O

I know this is generalizing, and I apologize in advance, but many Indian people have a different accent when they speak English. And it can be very difficult for Vietnamese people to understand a heavy Indian accent when listening to English. If possible, try your best to minimize the Indian accent and that will help make things easier when talking with girls.

I do not want to tell you to lie about your origin, and I have no idea what you look like when I say this, but if possible, you can always lie about where you're from. But if you obviously look Indian, there is no way to misrepresent this. The reason I mention this, is because many Middle Eastern guys with dark skin tell me that the locals girls think they are Indian and are turned off. After they explain they are not from India, and make a comment about not liking Indian food only to prove the point, the locals change their outlook and behavior.

It's unfortunate you have to worry about this, but I'm just being honest about some of the things you will have to deal with. African American people have to deal with the same thing, only because of their skin color. But I encourage you to still try and do your best, and I feel confident you will still have positive experiences. Just be extra aware about situations and how you present yourself, and you will definitely find some girls to enjoy your time with. :love:

Please let us know how it goes. I am curious to hear more about your experiences while traveling as a single man in Asia.

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Well...just come to malaysia..we have so many races in here
Yeah, I agree. I observed the same thing when I saw Indian people in Malaysia. When I was in Penang, I was eating Indian food almost every night, and the local girls were accustomed to Indian people and their cuisine, so it didn't seem to be that big of an issue as Vietnam/Thailand.
I don't believe the managers at the massage parlors care about what race you are. They only care about your money. The girls are probably a different story, but I wouldn't be surprised if the managers are choosing a massage girl based upon your ethnicity. When I go into these places, the guy who brings me to my room will usually ask where am I from. Maybe I'm looking into it too much and they're only making small talk, but it's difficult to guess my ethnicity based upon my appearance. I suspect they're inquiring because they know which girl to choose based upon where I'm from. I'm sure each massage place has different girls that prefer or favor certain people from certain countries.
@Logan wrote a very unbiased and informative post detailing the reasons why many Vietnamese don't like Indians. I'd post another reason: the stereotype that Indians are cheap and difficult customers. Several of my friends, who work in the industry, have complained, saying that out of all the ethnicities, Indians are the most likely to haggle incessantly about pricing, refuse to wear condoms, complain about service no matter how hard providers try, and generally cause headaches for the girls and staff. Incidentally, my friends also reserve a special hatred for Israelis, who they claim are just as cheap and difficult.

Most of my experience seeing this personally has been in Thailand, where I'd regularly see groups of Indian guys visit gogo bars, refuse to buy drinks for themselves (much less lady drinks), and generally be unpleasant until they were kicked out. Then they'd pull the same shenanigans at the next bar over. Many places will have girls that say "No Indians". Asia is decidedly non-PC.

Obviously, stereotypes are painted with a broad brush, but I think there are enough examples of this, plus the traits that Logan mentioned where many Vietnamese girls are thoroughly put off. I'd second going out of your way to keep hygiene and demeanor on the up and up, and hopefully, you'll be one of the people to dispel these stereotypes.
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Hi @Logan... is this discrimination present in massage parlous also? Among managers and girls?
I've talked with managers at different massage parlors, who represent their business and the girls working there. The common thing I hear in these conversations is the girls don't like it when the customers are rude or disrespectful. For example, one manager told me 60% of their customers are tourists from China and Taiwan, with foreigners making up the other 40%. He wants to change this because the Chinese and Taiwanese customers are very rude and treat the girls poorly. He said the girls prefer taking care of foreigners because they are usually nicer and easier to work with.

I understand and love the pragmatic approach to sex in Asia, and we are the paying customers, but when I'm giving advice to newbies visiting massage parlors and blowjob bars, I usually try to always include the following two points:
  • Be kind and nice. Don't be a jerk. I try to have a happy demeanor when I meet my massage girl. And when we are in private, I try to make some small talk while she is washing me. I cannot speak Vietnamese, but I can smile and be friendly. I want the girl to feel comfortable being with me, and I also want to feel comfortable being with my girl. Some girls might be tired after working too many hours, and others might be grumpy because their previous customer was not cool, but being gentle and nice goes a long way towards a better overall experience for both of you. And I truly believe making a girl feel comfortable helps with a more pleasurable happy ending.
  • Personal hygiene cannot be overstated, especially when you're hot and sweaty from being outside in the intense heat of Southeast Asia. Your massage girl will wash you in the bath before your massage, or clean you with disinfectant wipes before giving you a blowjob, but it's still important to be somewhat clean and presentable when you arrive. Vietnamese girls can get turned off easily from smells and odors. I try to take a shower before going, but if that's not possible, I find an air conditioned coffee shop and hang out for a few. I don't want to be hot and sweaty when I arrive because I don't want the girl to feel turned off when she meets me.
@DuhWun raises some valid points about some of the reasons why Asia has become not cool with Indian people. In my personal opinion, the two points I made above apply to everyone. It doesn't matter what ethnicity someone is from i.e. American, European, Asian, African, Indian, Middle Eastern, Eskimo, :alien: Space Alien, etc. Go into it having a good attitude, smile and be friendly, and try to have good personal hygiene. :cool:

There are many massage parlors and blowjob bars in Ho Chi Minh. I would recommend going to one of the larger massage places, where they have a more massage girls working and are already accustomed to serving many diverse customers on a daily basis. The first ones that come to mind is definitely check out Phung Thuy Massage because this place is huge, and I'm fairly certain they will match you up with someone who should give you a good experience. I would also recommend going to Zeus Massage in District 1 and Boss Palace Massage in District 3.

And please, whether you have good or bad or neutral experiences, please share your experiences on the forum to help everyone in our community. If you have any questions or need more advice about anything, you are always welcome to ask. I encourage you to not worry about it too much, and focus on making it an enjoyable travel and leisure experience, and you should still have a good time.
Vietnamese don't like the smell of Indians and have a perception/prejudice that Indians and blacks are smelly and dirty. I also believe there is an underlying sentiment that Vietnamese believe both are "cheap" and petty, hard to do business with, or not worth having a reciprocal relationship.

As always, there are exceptions to the general rule, but those are individual outliers.

Even the Chinese, and other Asians, find this to be representative of their perceptions towards Indians, blacks, and other cheaper personalities, not because of skin color.
I would second @Logan's opinion, we can always fight prejudice with how we behave.

I would add another point which is Vietnam is still a poor country, and prejudice is not as well managed as developed countries.
Hey mate, I am from Australia, and I am of Indian decent. I will tell you the true depiction.

Luckily, my mom is almost white; I am fair skinned, and most girls in Vietnam say "dep trai" for handsome man. I do have Indian looks blended into my looks.

However, I have a lot of Indian friends in India. There are a lot of good looking and well-dressed Indians too. There are a lot of rich Indians, but they all visit Europe or US for the holidays. Most middle or lower-middle class tourists visit Southeast Asia. However, most Indians have lived in scarcity and try to save money at every possible corner. This mentality runs deeps into one side of my parent's family too.

Belonging to two different countries has taught me many things. I have known plenty of Indians that have been kicked out of places, or refused entry, because of haggling and trying to bargain too much with the girls. Even in Australia, they are cheap at times!

Here are three things to stand out if you are South Asian/Indian:
  1. Dress well. No floppy jeans, no sandals, no oversized t-shirts. Good shoes - that will take you a long way.
  2. Use some cologne. I had a South Indian friend who never used cologne, and I told him he smells, and he was shocked and starting wearing cologne. He thanked me later!
  3. Always tip the waiters/servers/counter people and make sure other can see that you tipped them.
Please, if you are here for fun, do not haggle too much. Here in Asia, they will rip off foreigners, but if they state a price for 900K, you can get a discount to 700K, but not 400K. Don't be too cheap! The more cheap you become, the worse service you will receive. Most times, a good service is worth giving an extra 200K!
Here in Thailand, there is a lot of prejudices against South Asians and black guys.
Some hookers outright mention in their online ads, no Indians, no blacks and no Arabs.
Seen this often on Thai dating sites, including Thai Friendly.
I have observed black guys get completely rejected multiple times at the Thermae and in countless normal bars. Let's think for a minute, why.

Women talk. Women compare. They talk and compare about Men.

This is a generalization (so i am not attempting to be racist here), but even in the States, unless you're a pro-baller and black, you're most likely making less money than your other racial counterparts, especially compared to Asian or Caucasian. Furthermore, you're probably in a group where factually and statistically, incarceration is higher. This is fact. Blacks stand a higher chance at a date in the Bay Area because women make their own money. But still, women are hypergamous. In poorer countries like Thailand, the women are on survival mode, so they can't take the risk.

Now with regards to Indian guys, and i have several Indian guys who are my colleagues/friends, and even they say many of their Indian brethren are "cheap". I have a handful of Chinese and Vietnamese friends who are this way as well. But, i must honestly say, nearly everyone i deal with that is Indian always tries to deal with me cheaply, even for my services which i can ply anywhere else for at a higher rate, anytime i want.

Now let's deal with the hygiene issue. This should be self-explanatory as i won't go into details. It's the turmeric. Women are quick to judge. Once they form certain opinions about someone or something, it is hard to undo. Once women label you as a "player" or worse "desperate", you're gonna have a hard time undoing that image they have of you. Once a women is turned off by you, it is harder than an uphill battle to turn her onto you.

This is why there is often talk about "pheromones" when it comes to attraction and the mating dance. Women use their "senses", Men, we use our eyes and our horny dicks. We'll sometimes fuck a fugly chick because we were hard up and needed it (release).

Women need a reason(s). Men just need a place. (Some Men need a pretty face along with that place.)
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I don't know how it goes in Vietnam, but in Thailand, people often complain that indians spend little money and bargain too much.
Vietnamese talk amongst themselves/ourselves and Indians rank the lowest on the pendulum as blacks, maybe even lower.

It is poor business sense to be cheap. It's inefficient. The most powerful and wealthy i've dealt with are all very flexible, reasonable, and generous. They look at the big picture and relationships as most valuable, and if you betray them, you'll never have them by your side for something even small.

Business sense. Because of this, if i needed to raise 20 Million USD, i could do so within months.