Bait and Switched by this provider in HCMC/ Trading my info for info!

Tl;dr: Got bait and switched on Line by an account with the name ha my please avoid this pimp!!

Well they say if it's too good to be true.

Jumped on the line app after finding this post where the writer claims the girl he got was hotter than her pics. Welp.
I added a girl I thought was cute and a pimp immediately messaged me asking if I wanted massage and sxx. I told him to send more pictures and he was able to produce more. I still felt the chances of it working out were slim since she was so pretty, but I told her to come over anyway.

Screenshot_20191022-232627.png Clicking the Image should Enlarge

The account name is ha my with the description of "do you want me?"
She said damage was 1.3mill and that she would come in 15 minutes. 15 minutes later she arrived and she was as cute as she was young. So she wasn't cute. at all.

I gave it 14 seconds to think if I could bust a nut anyway and decided I would try. I speak fluent Vietnamese so I, unfortunately, found out she was very sweet and kind. We jumped in the bed and she started giving me head veraciously, but in a bad 90's porno kind of way, and she kept telling me how handsome I was. The self-awareness I have that makes me book hookers in the first place made this way too awkward and uncomfortable. I literally stood up and told her "just go home." when she asked why, I told her you arent who you said you are.

She told me if I wanted someone like that i'd have to pay triple the price
I asked her...well do you know where that girl is? and we laughed about it. And, because I was raised Catholic and like to punish myself for my mistakes, I let her keep the money and walked her out and she gave me a kiss goodnight.

I really don't want to play this stupid kynu face game. I like fucking in my own bed in my apartment that doesn't smell like mold. I'm really particular about vietnamese girls because I have like 90 sisters and a mom so pardon me for dying inside everytime I see a feature that reminds me of them (lol).

Does anyone have any recommendations on what to do here? I am 25 years young and the place I work for pays for me to fly in and out of Vietnam. The fact that I'm not taking advantage of this situation is silly. I obviously will pay a bit more for this pickiness, but having to take a scooter to the hotel just to find out the girl looks like your mom in her childhood photos is scarring.
Hello Bro

Thx you for your excellent post. Im also a vietkieu (overseas vietnamese) who have the big opportunity and chance to live here long term now so I totally share the same feeling about Kynu. Sure the price is cheaper but where is the fun? Im ready to pay more to have more fun and pleasure. Quality before quantity!

Check your pm bro, and let have a great vietnamese coffee or a good bun cha hanoi and I will share you some great local plan where Im a regular now.