Bangkok, Thailand experince

When i landed in BKK (it was end of 2018-beginning of 2019), i stopped at famous khaosan street. There is crazy party every night and about second night over there i met a single girl over there. After many laugh gas and beers i dont even remeber how i got her back into my hotel. It was not hard to find a lady from there, no money was involved. Just bought her a breakfest :)
Later on that day i managed to talk myself into soapy massage by a tuk tuk driver! I think i just thought why not, another experience, and oh boy, what a beautiful experience it was.
So the driver took me to that soapy massage (see link below) Place looked very tired, i entered the place, tuk tuk driver told something in thai language to the guy, who was the receptionist, and told me best ladys, best prices :D
So i walked inside (you can see the interiour from the video below) and there was a big sitting area for the girls. it was half emty and divided by looks and money-girls on the right were not so good, and i think i was quoted a price 3000-3500 THB. Then i looked to the right side, where more beutiful and more expensive girls are.. oh boy.. there was a perfect lady for 3700 THB (mamasan price) Just a 400 local money more than the notsoprettyones, i her.
she crabed my hand and took me to upstears into a very old and ugly massage room (sry, no photos) but the girl was worth it so i chose her.
I am not sure if i remember it correctly, but the routine was same as you guys described- she told me to take off my clothes.
i think she would have even helped me with that, because her english was decent.
in the bath she gave me full cleaningup, especially my litlle man and his boys. then she took me to the roundshaped bed, where she started to massage me. massage was not good but the thought about that hot girl made not care about that. Then at somepoint she turned me over and started massaging my dick, she went from licking my nipples to sucking my dick really quick.. and that is where it gets shady for me..
I remember fucking her body, that perfect body.. and i think all that cost me an hour and 3900 local money, i gave her 200 baht a tip, because i liked her a lot. And i think she gave me massage afterwards. but that body to body massage was hot..
on a third day i think.. i met a freelancer in Tinder, she came an hour late to my hotel, and 2000 baht gave her to me for 2 hours. she did everything, from massaging to sucking...but at the end i still finished with my ownmade cum :D
there were more experinces, but those are all shady for me
BKK is expensive

Tuk tuk driver told the thai manager dont forget my commission and screw this stupid farang.You probably paid at least 1000 baht too much😉