Bangkok with a bar girl hired from Pattaya

Thanks for the guidance for blowjob bars in Bangkok. I'm staying near the Asok BTS, but I'm in a bit of a predicament... I hired a bar girl from Pattaya for the whole duration of my Bangkok trip! :ROFLMAO:

I don't know what I was thinking, probably because she's so sweet and caring with a cute face. I don't know how I should handle this... there are such vast options for girls in this city! :LOL:
I had a bad experience. I paid for 5 nights and had to let her go early after 3 nights. Wasted about 1500 THB. Do not trust these bitches.
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I want to hear more! I've never hired a bar girl for multiple days looking for the girlfriend experience.

How much did you pay for the 5 nights? How did the first 3 days go? And then what happened?
What I liked about her was that she was not like most "prostitutes". She wasn't money hungry, didn't show shitty attitudes, and did not mind paying for little things like stuff from the convenience stores and some taxi fares. Very unusual traits for a bar girl or any female in the business. I guess that's why I fell for her. One note is I did not meet her in person on Soi 6, we actually linked up on Badoo, and then I barfined her at Soi 6.

I first met her the evening of my 3rd to last full day in Pattaya for long time. Fucked her once before sleep and once in the morning. She also gave a decent blowjob. Then I barfined her on my last full day in Pattaya early, around 1:00pm near the time bars open for business. She asked if she can invite her non professional friend together for lunch, which I obliged because her friend drove a car. Picked up at Soi 6 in central Pattaya and drove all the way to Jomtien Beach. Had a nice afternoon there, and then brought up the idea of coming with me to Bangkok for 5 nights. She was a bit hesitant at first, but eventually agreed by night time. (Her friend offered to drive us for 5000 THB and I told her she was crazy. A taxi from Pattaya to Bangkok is 1400 THB tops.)

After agreeing to my request, we went to her bar, and I paid the barfine for 5 nights in advance, of course which came out to 2600 THB ($84 USD). What should have set off my suspicions was she insisted on staying at the bar for the night to wash her clothes and getting ready for the trip. Fine.

The next morning, I invited her early so that I could get one in before leaving :LOL: but she gave me an excuse about meeting at the planned time of 1:00pm. Fine. I meet her at my hotel lobby, and off we go to Bangkok.

We arrived at my hotel near Asok BTS station, checked in, and went out for some food. Came back in the evening, several hours later. Naturally, I tried to get some action, but she wouldn't put out, and instead had to "work" on some kind of app on her phone. Using Google Translate, she said she was some kind of "idol" on a certain video chatting app, I don't remember the name of the app. Probably one of those video gigs where they get tokens and such. Fine.

I told her I would go out, but she didn't know I would go out for a blowjob :LOL:. For some reason, she wouldn't let me leave and not too long later, she was being all cute and I couldn't leave her. We eventually fucked shortly after. I kept insisting for her to give me a blowjob, but she kept refusing it and giving me excuses. She then continued her phone thing afterward.

I had an injury the night before (before the last full day) in Pattaya, slipping in the bathroom and getting a fairly bad bruise. The next day, we went to the nearby international hospital, and she stayed with me the whole six hours. Felt very GFE that day. What can I say, I was very contempt having that during a moment of need.

After he hospital, we headed to the mall, and I treated her to whatever she wanted. Walked around and spent some time together. Then we went back to the hotel, and I hoped to get another one in again. She then continued her side gig with the live video thing. At this point, I had enough of it, and asked her if she would at least give me a blowjob, and the same refusal threw me off. I then asked her to fuck and then... she says she is on her fucking period! We had some back and forth, and I told her it was pointless for her to be with me. She eventually marched off with her stuff and left.

I was a bit regretful at first. But I realized it was for the better because I was pretty much being played so she could have personal time off work. She was very open about her personal life, and even shared her Facebook which seemed legit due to the numerous amounts of personal posts and pictures of herself, her daughter, friends, and family. Even her posts seemed legit, as it had many comments and reactions, almost a hundred per post.

Another unusual aspect was she did not ask for her "fee" for the 5 nights in Bangkok, which I paid her 2500 THB plus 500 THB for the very first night we were together in Pattaya. She even insisted on refunding me the bar fine for the first night in Bangkok, when she was playing hard to get, which I didn't accept because I wanted her to stay.

The whole situation was just unusual and hard to figure out. My guess is she had someone else to meet in Bangkok, most likely another man, or she went back to her home in one of the nearby provinces to spend time with her family. Either way, I wasted 1500 THB in an unused barfine and another 4000 THB for expenses during those two days. And the quality of the time with her in Bangkok wasn't as good as the first time in Pattaya.

To sum it up, I think I got played somewhat here, and one suggestion I have, the same thing I said about Vietnam... make sure you talk about your expectations with the girl before actually going for it and putting any money forward. I am a chump for a cute face and a great attitude, but hey you live and learn :LOL:

Sorry, but I am writing this on my phone, and honestly have bigger things to worry about since I'm in Bangkok :ROFLMAO: