Benny's 110 Hot Toc Review - Ho Chi Minh

Although I've read the underwhelming reviews about Benny's 110 on this forum, I needed to let a load off and decided to stop off there as it's on my way home.

When I arrived, I went up the stairs and was very underwhelmed with what I saw. There were three technicians in there and one or them was fairly obese. Thankfully, the best looking one (5.19/10) took me into the back and led me into one of the cubicles. She led me in I thought the instructed me to remove all of my clothes before she stepped out and closed the curtain behind her. While I was undressing, I heard a foreign savage in the cube next to me complaining to his tech about her not giving him a leg massage...what a momo!

Anyways, I was stripped down to my boxers and then the tech came back in and started laughing at me. She said something in Vietnamese that I understood as put my clothes back on. She stepped back out and I put my shirt and pants back on. When she came back, she instructed me to lay down on the massage table. She lifted up my shirt, unbuckled and unzipped my pants and pulled down my boxers, unleashing my underwhelming and pathetic cock. She then used a wet wipe to clean my nipples and my minuscule twig and berries.

After she completed the wipe down, she placed a wet nap at the base of my tiny stub of a shaft, which I assumed was to catch my jism. She smirked and I could tell she was amused with the miniature size of my manhood. She proceeded to suck on my nipples before moving down to my micropenis. She had lifted up her shirt, but she did not take down her bra so I could see her tits. She blew me and fit my entire miniature Snickers sized dick into her mouth.

The BJ was decent, but not the best I've ever had. I could tell she had no desire to take my man chowder into her mouth. I kept silent and eventually busted a nut while her mouth engulfed my Vienna sausage. She immediately took her mouth off and spit my baby batter into the napkin. After that, she wiped me down and left the cube while I got dressed. I could hear her in the back gargling then spitting. She came back and then led me to the exit.

I enjoy frequenting massage places such as Minh Tam 2 in Tan Binh as I prefer the luxurious environment and longer overall experience. This was my first time at one of these hot tocs. I will definitely not cum to Benny's again, but I think I'll give Nguyen Phi Khanh a "shot" at some point soon.
ROFL love it :ROFLMAO:

I checked it out today as well, the lady was the best in there too (6/10) but ugly attitude, despite washing my hands, snapped at me when I tried to get a bit of nip. Kept all her clothes on.

Totally underwhelmed, NPK was much, much better. And cheaper.
Hahaha thats a quality review. Hilarious.

I've been here twice. The first time was about 5 years ago and if I remember right the set up was much better where you actually sat in a barber/recling chair in a well lit room, it felt somewhat private and you felt well taken care of. Benny probably built its reputation on this setup. The girl was okay in looks but had decent skills and good service. Overall worth the experience and good value to boot.

Second time, it was just a regular dingy massage bed set up. The 3-4 ladies available were older and unattractive. Im a visual person so if I dont find them attractive its an effort to cum. I really couldn't with this lady. I was all set to leave but luckily there was a super attractive girl serving the customer next to me which saved the experience for me. I did pay double though— but at that point it was completely worth it to redeem the shit experience. The girl was a solid 9 so left satisfied in the end.

Still I think the odds of having a good experience here are slim. You could argue that it had an edge over NPK back in the day but certainly not anymore.
Ho Chi Minh
Benny’s really is the worst. I’ve gone more than a few times as it’s close to my hood. It’s underwhelming at best. The last time I went the woman who took me back was in the middle of eating stinky fish. A bad move all the way around making that my last visit. NPK all the way!
Southeast Asia
Your reviews are much funner than mine :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:

And I've also overheard some funny interactions with foreigners talking to the girls there.

The only positive things I can say about Benny's 110 is the girls always let me cum in their mouth and the overall massage rooms are extremely clean. I've been there when the girls are deep cleaning the entire place, and from the moment you walk in, it really feels clean, especially compared to NPK.

But sadly, the girls never look good here, which makes it hard to justify paying more than the blowjob bars on NPK.