Best first time Hot Toc in Ho Chi Minh?

Read almost every recent thread posted the past few months about which Hot Toc to visit and am still undecided on where to go.

I walked down the Nguyễn Phi Khanh alley in District 1, just to get an idea of what these places look like during broad daylight. Any other recommendations of streets like this one?

What are the best times to visit? Are they open late around 3am? Are weekends better than weekdays?

It seems like Benny's Hot Toc is always a good first time, but I guess its not as great as it used to be. Also, it seems like most of the time, a girl is just appointed to them instead of having an option to choose. Can I pick a girl from the lineup, or is it best to take what you get? If there's a place where the girls look like 8's or better with pse style bjs id be a happy man but that might be the sacrifice I have to make for a cheap $20 quick blowjob.
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When I'm in a taxi going around the city, sometimes I'll see a sign that says Hot Toc Goi Dau with frosted privacy windows, and I'll save the place on my map to check out in the future. I have many places saved, but they are scattered around different districts in Ho Chi Minh.

From what I've found, Nguyen Phi Khanh is the only street dedicated to blowjob bars in HCM. My first choice on this street would be Hoang Thanh at 140 Nguyen Phi Khanh, and I've had good experiences at Thien Phu at 112 Nguyen Phi Khanh.

I'm not sure about a best time to visit. Personally, I prefer going in the mid afternoon and it's never been busy. The girls are usually relaxing and playing on their phones inside. Their attitude or personality hasn't been much different from the times I've gone later at night. The latest I've gone has been around midnight on a weekday, but many of these places stay open very late.

Benny's has always provided better than average blowjobs. Benny's is a great choice if the girl is attractive enough. The lobby area is small and the girls don't look happy to be there. I've only seen one or two attractive girls there.

The only places I've seen girls line up for you to choose is Bangkok and Chiang Mai. The typical experience I've had at blowjob bars in Vietnam is you can choose from any girl you see waiting around the lobby area. When a customer arrives, the next girl in the queue will stand up to greet you. If you don't like how she looks, it's ok to smile and not say anything. Instead, take a look around and politely choose the girl you want. And if none of the girls in the lobby area look good enough, do not be afraid to politely walk away. I've done this many times and moved along to the next blowjob bar. If you act hesitant at the sales pitch from the road, many of the captains will let you look at the girls just to get you to come in. And you can always tell the captain you want to choose. You probably know this already, but just because a girl looks attractive, doesn't mean she gives good blowjobs. And when I have a good experience with a girl, I always ask her name as I'm getting dressed because at any blowjob bar, you can walk in and ask for a specific service provider by name.

And please remember, everyone's experiences with these places varies.
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Can you ask for their contact details to meet up later?
Of course. When you're getting dressed, ask for their Zalo ID (in Vietnam) or their Line ID (in Thailand). Their English may not be that good, but every girl in Vietnam knows Zalo because it's the popular messaging app. Once you get them on Zalo, you can freely talk to them. If a girl likes you, they will meet you outside of their work. Others will say message them before you come back to their work to make sure they are available.

Being nice and generous with girls will take you very far.
Well, finally bit the bullet, and made a stroll down Nguyen Phi Khanh on a Monday night around 11pm. The street was really quiet, only one or two guys stood post out front of each hot toc, except one where there was a group of 4 guys. I went east to west, and popped into every shop to check out the lineup of girls. Every one of them had girls in red dresses lounging around on their phones. Some had only a few, maybe 3, others had more like 5, and one had 8 from what I could see in the lobby.

After seeing what every shop had to offer, I decided to go with the one that had the group of 4 guys out front and 8 girls inside. On a 1-10 scale of looks, there were 2 or 3 girls that were at least 7's, but I took a good look, and pointed out a girl who was an 8 to me. Mind you this is my first time at a Hot Toc, let alone in SE Asia, so maybe I could be going easy on the grading, but only time will tell. Anyways, this girl has a nice body and face with a tight dress on, and she directed me to the room upstairs. She instructs me to get undressed and lay on the bed, then leaves for a couple minutes, and comes back and we begin.

The masseuse starts with a simple wash and dry on my back, and then a light massage for a few minutes. Then I flip over, and she washes my hands and lower section. I start getting a half chub. She pulls down the top of her dress and pulls up her bottoms, revealing those perky breast and that ass. Her hand strokes my shaft and balls, while her mouth and other hand play with my nipples simultaneously. I caress her ass, which is nice and soft, and finger her pussy from the back. She starts sucking my other nipple, but doesn't go at it as long, since she feels my cock is hard enough to suck. Oh man! My dick in her mouth as she is slurping and moaning while I finger her was incredible! I felt her getting wet, but she beat me to it. I popped, and she had a spit rag ready. She cleaned me up, we got dressed, headed downstairs, and I handed one of the ladies 400k, no questions and no complaints. In and out in 15 minutes, hands down one of the best quickies I've ever had!

As for the Hot Toc, I dont remember the address exactly, but its the shop that faces directly at Lý Văn Phức, which is one of streets that connects Nguyen Phi Khanh with the main street. On Google maps it looks like 84 Nguyen Phi Khanh.
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Nice! Happy to hear about your experience. Tuan Tam is 84 Nguyen Phi Khanh. The first time I went there, I had an amazing blowjob by an unattractive girl, and the second time I went was an attractive Vietnamese girl but only ended up being a handjob. Maybe I'll have to try the place again...

That's cool you walked into every hot toc to check out the girls and decide later. I have to train my eyes to scan the girls in the low lighting and see who looks good enough and hope for a decent happy ending experience.

I look forward to hearing more about your experiences while you're in Ho Chi Minh.
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Hi All, Just wanted to ask if these Hot Tocs do covered blowjobs?
All of my experiences at hot tocs in Vietnam have been uncovered blowjobs, with no condom offered.

If you feel more comfortable using a condom, you can ask the girl to provide one, which they should have because most girls will use a condom for sex. And of course, you can always bring your own condom, to make sure you have one that fits the way you prefer.
Hi All, Just wanted to ask if these Hot Tocs do covered blowjobs?
Really? I don't understand why you would. Getting head with a condom is so disappointing. And no it's not as risky as unprotected vaginal or anal. It blows my mind to see someone ask this to be honest unless you have a significant other. But hey no judgements!

On a scale of 1 to 10, risk for unprotected sex is at: 2-3 for blowjobs, 7-8 for vaginal, and anal 9-10. The person receiving (giver for blowjobs) has a higher risk than the person giving. I have yet to catch anything from getting all my bare blowjobs. Unprotected penetrative sex on the other hand is very risky even with non professionals.
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On a side note, I go to Nguyen Phi Khanh expecting to cum in their mouths at the end. So if you are like minded and must be able to do so.. use google translate to translate this into Vietnamese: "Can I ejaculate into your mouth?" which should translate to "Tôi có thể xuất tinh vào miệng của bạn?"

And I just came back from either 126 or 112 Nguyen Phi Khanh, and after I handed over 400k, they asked me for 500k because according to them "happy new year" lol ok whatever. $4 USD isn't gonna make or break me. CHUC MUNG NAM MOI! :ROFLMAO:
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