BKK trip and Corona situation

Hey guys,

My friend is visiting me here. He is getting married soon, so its like a Bachelor party.

We have already booked tickets to BKK next week 17 -21 Feb. However, the virus situation doesn't seem to slow down.

I have been considering cancelling the trip. Because they are still allowing flights from China to come into BKK.
There are lots of Chinese in BKK and in general Thailand.

Some people suggested to avoid crowded places. It s a bacherlor party treat.
Well be going to the go-go bars and areas. Of course there will be lots of people.
Pretty sure, lots of Chinese too.

So, I m concerned about it.
What do you suggest ? Should I cancel or am I over-reacting?
Toronto canada
Yes the greedy Thai bastards are worried about one thing as usual, money. No concern at all for anything else.
I can't beleive they are still allowing the Chinese into their country.
One thing is certain buddy, the gogos will be chalk full of Asians.
Yeah, man. I can goto BKK some other time. Health is most important.
If I go there and hide in a hotel, whats the point and we will frequent Go gos. SO, its even more risky as it wil be full of Chinese people.
This virus has incubation of 14 days, thas why it spread so quickly.
Most people don't show any signs