Blue Spa Review - Hanoi, Vietnam

This review is for Blue Spa in Hanoi, Vietnam. I tried to visit Mai Spa in Hanoi, since it seemed to be the most popular spa in Hanoi from another blog's comments. Unfortunately, Mai Spa at 87 Quan Hoa was closed for renovations, and I went to Blue Spa down the street at Ngo 5 Nguyen Khanh Toan.

I went inside Blue Spa and was greeted by the front door guards/receptionist. He said to pay at the end of the visit and recommended 500,000 VND for their Nuru massage package. I'm fluent in Vietnamese, but I look like a foreigner, so they were surprised. I asked about choosing the girl, and he said no, but said I can always ask to change the girl. I was taken up the elevator. On the fifth floor, two girls enter and ride up with me. Both girls were cute. The girls smiled and said I was cute in Vietnamese to each other, not realizing I spoke Vietnamese. He asked what kind of girl I wanted. I asked for a pretty girl that was tall. A girl shortly entered the room. She was neither pretty nor tall. She had no ass or tits. Face was alright.

She ran the bath, and I asked for another girl. She ignored me and pretended she didn't understand. I speak fluent Vietnamese, so that's BS. Anyway, I said fuck it since she was nice, and we had already been talking for 10 minutes. I didn't want to do the sauna since it was was hot as fuck, and because it would have meant my belongings were out of sight. I opted to skip straight to the bath. She then rinsed me off, and I got onto the massage table. Massage was amateur and shitty. Obviously, it wasn't why I came to this place.

She undresses. She had no curves and looked like a prepubescent girl. She told me she was 25 years old. Then, she got this milk tea, which she drinks and then spits all over my body, and proceeds with the body massage. I finger her, and she starts the blowjob/handjob session. It was 90% rapid handjob and 10% shitty blowjob. She fake moans the whole time, and it was kind of a turnoff. She jerks me off until I cum and wipes me off.

She gives me a shower, I dress, and then pay her the 500,000 VND tip. I go downstairs and pay the reception.

  • Blue Spa was very clean. I never felt my possessions were at risk of being stolen.
  • You cannot choose your massage girl. They say you can change girls, but they don't want to.
  • Massage was meh, but who cares.
  • Blowjob/Handjob was 3 out of 10. The girl was probably offended I asked for a different girl, so she didn't really try.
The total cost at Blue Spa was 1,000,000 VND ($43 USD). Blue Spa was cheaper than Neko Massage in Hanoi, which has been mentioned on this forum. I would not recommend Blue Spa in Hanoi. I was hoping to visit Mai Spa, but it was raining and this was the compromise.
Southeast Asia
Thanks for your review. I'm always searching for new massage places in Hanoi. I've found the options for good massages and blowjobs in Hanoi to be far less limited, compared to the vast amount of options in Ho Chi Minh.

Personally, I never have any faith with the male attendant choosing a girl of my liking. They always ask me, and I tip them 50,000 VND when I respond, but the girl shows up not looking anywhere close to the type of girl I ask for. Maybe it's because the guy doesn't care, maybe the selection of girls is limited, or maybe it's just the next girl in the queue. I've noticed at some places, as the male attendant is escorting me to my room, he asks where am I from, and I sometimes think he asks because certain races/foreigners are kept in mind when they're choosing a girl, but I have no evidence for my assumption. When I visited Phung Thuy Massage in Ho Chi Minh, this happened, and because this place is clearly very popular with a high percentage of Korean customers, I felt a girl was chosen knowing I was a foreigner from America.

And now I've become spoiled with choosing my girl before the massage/blowjob, and I'm far more likely to visit someplace when I can choose the girl I'm spending my money on. Some places have told me that I can refuse a girl when she arrives, and another one will be sent. When I visited Phuong Anh Massage in Ho Chi Minh, the attendant said I could refuse a girl up to 3 times, and another girl would be sent to my room.

The part about your review that made me laugh was when she drank milk tea and then spit the milk tea onto your body :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: