Business trip in Ho Chi Minh

I only have time to visit 3-4 of these places during my business trip in a couple of weeks in HCM.

I was thinking about going to Queen Bee and Phung Thuy. Which places would you guys suggests?
Southeast Asia
Queen Bee Massage in District 7 is a great choice if you only care about full service from a pretty girl.

For massage and happy endings, I would recommend Kim Huy Massage in District 1 and Phung Thuy Massage is a nice massage experience with rimming.

For blowjobs, visit a blowjob bar in Ho Chi Minh. Walk in, check out the girls, and if you don't see one you like, say thank you and walk to the next hot toc on the same street.

And I would also mention Zeus Massage in District 1 and Phuong Anh Massage in District 10 as some more massage places to consider.

Let us know where you go and how things went.