Buying cannabis in Ho Chi Minh

Toronto canada
You are correct about them mixing it with tobacco, on the pre rolled joints they sell.
It's just the way they smoke it there, same as the Europeans , always mixing it with tobacco.
As a non smoker I can't handle it, I get dizzy and sick.
I don't buy pre rolled anymore.
I stopped buying bui vien herb after noticing a change in my physical and mental health. The import is 100% worth the 400-500k. Buy more and save! And at that price its not too far off individual gram prices in the USA. Some good cambo floating around now too.
Toronto canada
That's what. I Buy is Cambodia, 50 k dong a gram.
And by the way, the price of import is not even close to what I pay, it's 3 times the price.
Please don’t smoke the Cambodian from Bui Vien. That is cut with some harsh shit and sprayed with a massive amount of chemicals. The kush is imported from CA, CO, and’s the same quality you’d find at any dispensary in the USA. If you want quality herb at good prices inbox me. We also have other products such as edibles, dabs, moonrocks, and vaporizers.
Toronto canada
I pay that for cambo in Vietnam, 50 k per gram
I don't like the bullshit being spread on this site,trying to scare people , saying its sprayed, synthetic, laced with tobacco etc etc etc.
And then trying to push weed at high prices.
I have a medical liscence, know my weed very very well, live in Canada and have smoked THE best in the world.
Check out the strains at Pot Cargo website, the gold collection.
And I can say I have smoked some real good cambo or Laos weed.
Yes lots of bunk out there too, but good weed is to be had.
However the reality is true. Depending on where you are buying your schwag on Bui Vien it is likely laced. If the truth scares you, well then, "you can't handle the truth" (name that movie).

I like wine and I like weed. I wouldn't dare drink shit wine and won't dare smoke shitty herb. The Cambo is nice this time of the year. In fact I just returned from Cambodia (not PP) and right now the stuff is pre-mo, fresh and fragrant.
I know group in telegram name hochiminh underground, so many people pass there stuff before leaving vietnam, if you want to know pm me.
- No offense but its funny to me when someone claiming 2$/gram weed is smokable.
- You guys are visiting a country where weed is totally illegal. Dealer/grower either go to jail or have to pay a big money to bribe the cops if they want to get away
- Plus, the weather here is obviously not for growing weed. So indoor growing with aircon turn on 24/7, limited supply due to small scale growing space which will push the price higher.
Below are the price in a coffee shop in Amsterdam. With all of that, if you can find a good dealer - 400k or 500k VND per gram is just average price.


Toronto canada
Those prices are crazy, check out Canadian sites, better weed and far cheaper, I don't care what you pay in Amsterdam.
$30 can for a gram of weed??? Haha
The cambo isn't top notch I admit, but I ain't paying those prices.
Came across this forum when looking for options for cannabis in HCMC (I don't live in the city but come often for work). I just had a good experience with Saigon tripping/ Weedie K who posted about his offerings here. Quick response, discreet delivery, and good kush.
HCMC Telegram: @XpatConcierge
If anyone’s needing hookups for anything stronger than week then hmu.
Got a local friend with a new business trying to make it work and he’s got bomb shit.
Can chat on Telegram also @XpatConcierge