Chiang Mai girls better looking than Bangkok or Pattaya?

Southeast Asia
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Yes, generally speaking, Chiang Mai girls are more light skinned and less Westernized, but nearly all girls become more Westernized when they go to Bangkok or Pattaya.

Personally, I prefer the look of Chiang Mai girls, and many of these girls live in Bangkok and Pattaya after the finish university.
San Jose, CA
I've been to Chiang Mai and i prefer the girls there over those in BKK Sukhumvit and Pattaya. Less jaded, overall lighter-skinned, and the prices are slightly lower. The girls are more passive, congenial, and less feisty than the big city pros. That was my impression.

I prefer Chiang Mai girls of all the girls in Thailand, and next would be Hua Hin. But remember, girls from all over Thailand go to BKK because that's where most of the foreign demand is, and where they are able to garner a higher rate. I paid 25% less for nearly everything when i flew to Chiang Mai from Don Mueang.

Regarding the monger scene, most of the girls from the grot bars and massage parlors like in Loi Kroh Road and the surrounding area, are mostly short, plump darker-skinned girls from Isan and North East Thailand with a few Burmese thrown into the mix.

The most beautiful native northern Thai girls have been taken upmarket and can mostly be found working at B2B parlors, karaoke bars and escort agencies.

Some years ago, young, beautiful fair-skinned native Northern Thai girls, most from Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and some hill tribe girls including quite a few Chinese girls were in abundance at the Loi Kroh Road beer bars and go, go bars such a Spotlight.

Later, when some business savvy people and the younger prettiest girls began realizing they could make more money by going upmarket rather than servicing western tourists and expats on budgets looking for cheap booze and cheap sex, the Chiang Mai monger scene began to change and the good old days of cheap booze and cheap sex with beautiful girls were no more.
San Jose, CA
The hottest Thai girls "vacationed" in California at the inflated prices of $200/hr. at many apartment-style brothels before the website advertisement venues were all disbanded, i.e. Backpage.

One of these lighter-skinned model perfect Thai beauties made enough in 1 month to buy a house (and a good parcel of land) she showed me on the outskirts of Bangkok.

The demand was out of this world caused by the newly-minted tech IPO babies from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
True story.

I knew of a 27 year old Thai woman from my local village here in Chiang Mai that 5 years ago opened what seemed a decent massage and spa shop in the area.

I discovered that the massage and spa she had here was just a front of respectability to impress her family. In there she worked by the book, no specials or happy endings, her customers mostly being elderly Thai women paying 100 baht for an hour. She really did not care if the business made money or not. Then there was her other lifestyle, so totally different that her 2 worlds could never meet.

She stays in Thailand for 1 month, and then she flies off to Colombo in Sri Lanka while her cousin takes care of the shop here and once there commutes between the Maldives, Colombo and Kandy Sri Lanka where she becomes a hardcore prostitute for another month. So has 2 identities, the respectable owner of a spa and doting mother of a 2 year old baby in Chiang Mai and then a hard-core sex worker Thai prostitute working in Sri Lanka.

How it works: Thai people are visa-exempt is they travel as tourists by plane to Sri Lanka for no more than 30 days. The fare money direct from Chiang Mai to Sri Lanka is not expensive, only 7000 baht return and only a two and a half hour to 3 hour journey. There is an illegal agency operating on social networking sites that sets these girls up with jobs in massage and spa parlors that are all fronts for brothels in Sri Lanka and as escorts doing call outs to mostly businessmen at 5 star hotels. If the girls are very attractive they can earn up to half a million baht per month, I kid you not. The girls are in Sri Lanka on a 30 day visa exempt stay as tourists but are actually there working as prostitutes illegally. The Sri Lanka government turns a blind eye to it because it’s good for the tourist trade.

Then after 30 days the woman returns to Thailand and resumes her life here again for 1 month and then back to Sri Lanka again for another 30 days on a tourist exempt visa working illegally as a prostitute, meaning she alternates between Thailand and Sri Lanka 6 times a year. I guess this is just the tip of the iceberg, that many Thai women are working this system around the 30 day visa exempt countries all over Asia. much more lucrative than working the bars, spas and massage parlors in Thailand.

These Thai women can earn much more money as sex workers in Sri Lanka where the law is much more tolerant, although prostitution is still illegal in Sri Lanka, then they can in Thailand, but it is known that the big money up for grabs for Thai sex workers is in the Middle East although it is much more difficult for Thai women to travel and get visas there.

Unlike 20 odd years ago it is now very easy for young attractive Thai women to ply their trade abroad and why the monger scene in Thailand is changing and why mongering in Thailand is becoming something that I describe as a rich bastards club.