Chiang Mai or Pattaya for 2 days?

Trying to decide whether to spend 2 days of my trip in Chiang Mai or Pattaya?

I've 2 days in Bangkok, 2 days in HCM

Based on readings, Chiang Mai appeal is, light skinned younger girls. Concern is, if they only give HJ and that too without taking their clothes off, then thats not what I'm looking for.

Pattaya has lot more is on the menu, but gals might have too much mileage already. When i read comparison of Bangkok vs pattya, people said Bangkok has better looking girls. So the concern here is looks.
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Chiang Mai is a great place to go but if you only have 4 nights in Thailand total and are looking to Monger I would not make Chiang Mai part of this trip. Go there another time.

I am assuming you are flying in and out of Bangkok so I would spend 3 nights in Pattaya and one night in Bangkok depending on the timing of your flights.

There should be no concern about the girls having to much mileage in Pattaya. There is said to be 100,000 working girls in Pattaya at any one time. There are plenty of low mileage models there for you to test drive.
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Based on the information you've shared, you're trying to travel to 3 cities in 2 countries in 6 days. That's a lot of ground to cover. There's pros and cons to each of the cities/countries, but it depends on what kind of experience you're trying to obtain.

But for the question you have specifically asked, I strongly agree with the other gents. Go to Pattaya. You will have significantly many more options and diversity in Pattaya compared to Chiang Mai. And your travel time from Bangkok to Pattaya will give you much more time to play.

Check out Chiang Mai on another trip, when you have more time and you're not in a hurry. It's going to be too much work to get good results in that short amount of time. Pattaya will be much easier. I promise.
Thx Bros,
Pattaya it is now!
Btw I made a typo earlier, i meant 4 days in HCM not 2
So now 2 days Bangkok, 2 Pattaya and then 4 HCM
Might even go to Pattaya a day sooner as jd66 suggested, since been to bangkok twice before
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In terms of experience, primarily looking for Russian style (titty fuck) since its the least risk and I'm boobs lover! To my eyes, Vietnamese girls specially those wearing aao dai look more feminine (and attractive) than bangkok girls in shorts.
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Vietnamese girls either have big natural tits, or they bought them. Outside of Los Angeles, CA (the Silicone Capital of the World) any place that has a Vietnamese population is going to have a disproportionate amount of fake boobs.

Thai girls, if they have big fake tits, they are most likely LADYBOYS! ;)

You heard it from 1 Viet guy who has all his life got many boners just thinking how i am going to get to suck on those tits or titfuck it and then splooge on it. lol