Clean Hot Tocs in District 1 - Ho Chi Minh

Are there any places for a good hair wash, ear cleaning, facials, etc. at a reasonable price?

Can anyone recommend any good hot tocs in District 1 or near Bui Vien street?
I know some near District 1 in Ho Chi Minh:
  • Yolo Hair Salon
  • Hoang Trieu Hair Salon
  • VIP64 Hair Salon
The price is around 280,000 VND

I have been to Hoang Trieu and it was good. The girls are beautiful, but there are no special services.
I will visit these hair salons in Ho Chi Minh and will give reviews if they are good.

I watched some videos on YouTube about Hoang Trieu Hair Salon, but the girls don't appear very pretty and they are covered with clothes. When did you go?
I watched some videos on YouTube about Hoang Trieu Hair Salon, but the girls don't appear very pretty. When did you go?
I was there last year... a long time ago. This place is still very popular for Koreans. I liked their cleaning services, but their prices were not that low.
Ho Chi Minh
I think I will prefer VIP64 Hair Salon because the girls look nicer and their clothes are more revealing. Very good to see haha
This place is awesome! I go twice a month and get the VIP package... I think it’s around 400,000 VND and worth it 100%. Really super hot women. I get the shave, haircut, ears cleaned, nails clipped, and the chair massage. You look great and feel good! Then I head over to NPK street to finish my man spa day...
For 400,000 VND, I would go somewhere else...
I just went to VIP64 Hair Salon and the whole package cost me 300,000 VND. And I don't speak any Vietnamese. Ethnically, I'm Chinese and I'm only fluent in English and Chinese.

There was one exceptionally attractive girl there, but the rest were largely mediocre, and the girl that serviced me was not good looking at all (from my criteria). Their clothes are not too revealing, but they were polite and was massage was ok.
There is Le Duyen 4 Beauty Salon in Ho Chi Minh.

The girls look good, and you can choose your therapist, but the massage is average and the price is high.
1 USD = $23,000 VNd . About $1-$2 as Quinn observed.

Spending money is good for the economy and to help other people grow in their lives. Also, ruining the mood for her or for me is a waste of my time and energy over a lousy few bucks. I'd rather work more.

BTW, there is also Loc Thien Y Beauty Salon in Ho Chi Minh. Or did they go out of business?
Actually the price shld be about 250k-280k, but somehow everyone is happily paying 300k vnd?
You cannot find these kinds of prices in District 1. You have to go farther out to pay 250,000 to 300,000 VND. Check out these places near the airport:
  • Khach San Thu Ha - 38 Hau Giang, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh
  • Khach San Hoang Long - 40 Hau Giang, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh
These two places have good service, but the girls are average.
I just tried Hoang Trieu Hair Salon in District. There were many customers, but I won't be going again. The person who serviced me was rushing, which I don't like. Maybe because they are very busy and business is good.
I went to VIP64 Hair Salon in District 1 again. I still saw a couple attractive girls there, with their legs are revealed, and some of the girls were not attractive at all.

The girl... no, face it, the old lady that serviced me was literally an old lady. I think she was in her late 40's, at least. I again paid 300,000 VND. The massage was good and the old lady was quite cheerful.

Two more questions:
  1. As an East Asian, I don't have any instinctive fear towards ear cleaning. I have no problem with someone sticking something sharp into my ear canal because that's perfectly acceptable in my country and culture. The problem is can these Vietnamese girls be trusted with this kind of service and not accidentally cause harm to my ears?
  2. Are there any hygiene issues during this entire process?