Clean Hot Tocs in District 1 - Ho Chi Minh

1 USD = $23,000 VNd . About $1-$2 as Quinn observed.

Spending money is good for the economy and to help other people grow in their lives. Also, ruining the mood for her or for me is a waste of my time and energy over a lousy few bucks. I'd rather work more.

BTW, there is also Loc Thien Y. Or did they go out of business?
OK all, I just tried Hoang Trieu Hair Salon, many customers but I won't be going again.
Maybe because business is good and the person who service me is rushing things, which I don't like.

No more next time for me.. 🤣
I went to vip64 again. I still saw a couple of attractive girls there and the legs are revealed, and some that are not so attractive at all. The girl... no, face it, the old lady that served me was literally an old lady (I think in her late 40s at least).
Again 300k. The massage was good and the old lady was quite cheerful though.
Two more questions
1. As an east Asian I don't have any instictive fear toward ear cleaning. I mean, I have no problem in having someone sticking something sharp into my ear canal because that's perfectly acceptable in my country and culture. Problem is, can these girls be trusted in their expertise so that they don't accidentally cause harm to my ears?
2. Are there any hygene issues in the whole process?