DNTN Phung Thuy - October 2019

After all the stellar reviews and debating if I should go back to QueenBee for the umpteenth time or give Phung Thuy a try I opened up Grab and saw that Phung Thuy was 2k cheaper (so it’s closer, right?), Phung Thuy it is. As I arrived towards Phung Thuy the driver pulled into a small side street and drove about 50 feet pass the entrance. Annoyed, I backtracked looking for the “Massage” sign I had just seen. The sign had an arrow pointing upwards as if there were some stairs near it, not so. I walked along a dimly lit garage where I was ignored by the first guard, two guards along the left wall (black uniform and boots) got up to walked me to the entrance where I was greeted by a gentlemen in a red/tan hotel type uniform. He pointed me to the reception desk where I paid the 500k, I was handed a ticket. Back outside the reception area the attendant asked me for my ticket, tore it in half and walked me to another door where I was greeted by another attendant in a red/tan uniform, and he asked for the other half of my ticket. Within a minute of receiving my ticket it was torn in two and re-acquired (why even bother?).

Escorted into the room and I was surprised at its size. Huge. I immediately noticed that the door is about one-third smoked glass with a few areas in which the glass is clear. As a lot of places are like that it wasn’t too offsetting, but nonetheless still annoying. The attendant told me to undress, use the sauna, and asked me if I preferred a certain girl. I handed him 50k and remembering to play the foreigner part I asked for a girl that was “dayy tuuung,” purposefully hardening the “d” and re-pronouncing with a “ soft d,” de thuong; the attendant laughed, corrected my Viet, smiled and left.

After giving up on trying to get the dry and wet sauna to start I just sat in the dry sauna and began pouring water onto the stones. As soon as some steam started to emanate the massage girl walked in. Through the now half-fogged glass I could see a good figure but not much else. I waited for a moment, got out, sneaked a peak and went into the wet sauna. Not bad. Apparently the guy who took my 50k opted to follow my request for someone de thuong. Once in the wet sauna I began listening to see if the water for the tub was running. I didn’t hear anything (so maybe a bath is off the menu?). I count backwards from 100 and step out. The massage girl approaches me, starts speaking Viet and I just look at her helplessly and smile. She points for me to sit in the tub. In broken English she begins speaking to me while she washes me down. Nothing too exciting about the bath until she asks me to stand up. I stand up and she does a quick wash in the front and then she asks me to turn around. She begins soaping my anus, and right then and there I knew that all the reviews were true, smiling at the wall I hold in my laughter as I think about where I’d be if I didn’t know about this site.

The massage girl assists me out of the tub (flip-flops would go a long away, huge slip and fall hazard, I silence the litigator in me) and let the girl dry me off. She then points at the massage table and I lay face down. For the next 5-8 minutes attempts at a massage were made but it was more of a back rub then anything.

Un-straddling my back the girl goes to the head of the massage table lifts my head from the hole and places the pillow there. Misinterpreting this as the signal to turn over I begin to turn but she stops me. She undoes her top, exposes her breasts and then lays face forward on my back. Her nipples trace the arch in my back as her tongue and teeth begin to play with my ear and neck. Her tongue becomes more firm as she works her way down to the area she so diligently washed 15 minutes before. She lifts my right leg for access to my member and she begins stroking me as her tongue continues the dirty work. After about 5 minutes comes the flip.

Not the best head I’ve had this trip (Tam at QB takes that trophy) but she was enthusiastic and it was enjoyable. I begin to grab her ass and she grabs a finger of mine, pushes aside her panties and puts my finger inside her. I tried for two, she moved in a manner that signaled only one finger. I begin to do some clit-rubbing, again she moves in a manner telling me no. She grabs my hand and works it in a manner, while still inside her, that lets me know she wants one finger pounding away; I complied. This continues for several minutes before she allows her mouth to roam upwards to my nipples and then she begins kissing and licking my ears. Her tongue traces across my lips, but just as she can signal what she allows, so can I. I know what that tongue was doing 5 minutes ago. She goes back to the nips, licking and playfully biting. I grab a handful of ass and in a moment of pure bliss, or pure dumb-assery, she grabs my face and goes full on french. Too late, I’m pot-committed at this point. She lifts me up so that I’m just supporting myself with my left elbow on the massage table. The kissing intensifies, she shoves me back on table. More head. First it was fast and then more routine and endgame focused, she’s ready for this to be done. If I had cum right then and there it would’ve been into her ready and willing mouth, but I held out. What else can this girl do? After a few minutes she knew I wasn’t going to pop so she got up and grabbed the oil. She began yanking me and when she could tell that I was nearly done she side straddled me, acted in a motion that she was pulling her panties aside and slid her nicely oiled hand onto my member. She began pulsing her hips up and down to the rhythm of her hand. I can get on board with this. I play along. 2 minutes later and I’m done playing. Every single drop is massaged out.

She gets up, rinsed her mouth and leaves me on the table. After about 3 minutes of clean up she grabs my hand and leads me to the tub. She gives me a quick rinse off with soap and she talks to me as I get dressed. The same ol’ why you not have wife/girlfriend? Do you want girlfriend Vietnam? And what hotel am I staying at? I tell her that I’m visiting family and that I will be back soon. As I went to grab a 500k note a 100k note was momentarily stuck to it, she noticed, I gave her the 500k and she appeared happy about it. Promising to return again I noticed that the name Lam was embroidered onto her uniform, I asked her if that was her name and she said yes, Lam, #65. She guided me to the door and I exited. As I proceeded through the maze to the exit I noticed a couple other girls, cute. I glanced at my phone to reserve a Grab, approximately 50 minutes in the massage room.

Once into the main garage area I was approached and asked if I needed a taxi, I told them Grab and they motioned to a set of chairs with bottled water on a small table and asked me to wait there. After about 5 minutes of waiting I saw a Grab approach so I left the garage. The guards, bulky, black uniforms, and black boots asked me to continue waiting but I left. Damn, wrong Grab. I walked about 50 feet down the road to where my first driver had dropped me off (maybe he knows the drill already) and waited 2 minutes for my grab to arrive. Not a bad way to spend 1.150k.