Dntn Pung Thuy massage, Saigon

To all those who have complained about Pung Thuy,
I just came back from Pung Thuy today and it was such a great experience.
Let’s me tell you!
When I arrived at the entrance, i felt very nervous because there were so many security guards and servicemen who welcomed you. One of the servicemen escorted me to the cashier counter. Surprisingly, when I came to the counter, the receptionist didn’t ask me anything but she just handed me a ticket. As I looked immediately at the ticket, I understand what it is and the receptionist seemed to know that I understand. I was guided immediately to the massage room. The serviceman asked me what kind of girl or face i want to choose. I told him that I prefer young girl. The way he talked to me makes me aware that all what he described to me are the same as what he does to others. It’s like every serviceman there memorizes the same lessons. I changed my clothes and got into the steamroom and after 10mn, i came out and saw the massage girl arrive and carry tower for me. Wooooo....she’s dame hot, beautiful and looks very friendly. Anyways, I began to try sauna but it’s not hot like steam so i came out and the girl helped me into the bath. She washed and cleaned everything on me :D especially she played with my cock. I feel i fall for her at first sight because of her attractiveness and attitude to me. She hugged , kissed, and played with my cock. She seemed to love me rather than did her job :D she massaged me from the back and hugged me by pushing her boobs and pussy to me. You know, she kissed me from back :D i touched and poked my finger into her pussy and realized that it’s super wet. In extreme addition, her boobs are very big and fluffy with big nipples. I played every part of hers :D can’t resist my temptation to kiss and lick her boobs. She also used porn style with me by climbing onto me. She gave her pussy to my face while she’s licking my cock. To be honest, i also licked her pussy (just a little bit) back because I couldn’t control myself :D she did her best to swallow and lick my cock to make it cum in her mouth. According to her attitude, i think if i ask her to have sex, she must agree but I prefer her service because I couldn’t stop enjoying it while she swallowed and licked my cock with great emotions :D i could play and do everything as i want to. She followed what i told her to do...stand, sit, or whatever. She did it :D let’s skip this long heaven time...finally i decided to cum in her mouth (it means i can control my censor). She cleaned me and told me that i could still do more if i want to because she loves me :D unfortunately, it’s night late and i was very exhausted from traveling at day and need to go back to my hotel (someone’s waiting for me) so i told her that i want to finish now. She smiled and hugged me again. I hugged and squeezed her boobs back and said bye.
Totally, i paid 1M dong, 500K for the ticket and 500K for tip.
I will go back and ask for this girl again :D


United States
I believe the address is 4 Duong So 2, Hiep Binh Chanh, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
There are many other reviews of this place as well so if you want to have more info you can search the name of the massage place.
What’s the address to this place bro? And what’s the girl number? Lol
It’s not difficult to find Dntn Pung Thuy. Just go to google map and type Dntn Pung Thuy :D
I am not Vietnamese and have never gone that place, but I could go there by grab. I think you can do it, brother!