Do you feel safe receiving oral without protection?

I have a question for you guys:

Do you feel unsafe having a girl giving you a blowjob or you giving oral to a nontrusted girl in a non protected way?

I've checked that you have very limited risks for HIV, but a lot of other STD's can still be caught.

Do you have advice or experience to share regarding this topic?

Thanks for everything!
Paris, France
I work in a job where you can frequently see people taking medecine for curing STD's.

9/10 people who are infected have really bad hygiene. Treatment for STD's is a high dose of antibiotics for a few days, and it works pretty well.

My advice is don't put your dick in someone who doesn't seem to take care of herself.

Personally, I don't feel anything with a condom so what's the point of getting a covered blowjob then?
Southeast Asia
Personally, I do not worry about receiving a blowjob without any protection. The chances of getting an STD is extremely slim. The only real concern would be if the girl has oral gonorrhea, from a sore in her throat. And gonorrhea is an STI (sexually transmitted infection) that is easily curable with an antibiotic. HIV is only passed along from the transfer of bodily fluids, so make sure you don't have any cuts or open wounds where the girl is touching you, and you'll have nothing to worry about.

As for giving oral to a girl, that's a completely different story. I agree with what @popol said about bad hygiene. If there is anything remotely questionable about how a girl looks or smells in between her legs, my mouth is not pleasing her. And more than likely, if she has bad hygiene, you're not going to want to kiss her or be with her. I find it easy to talk myself out of being with a girl if I have any concerns of contracting an STD, but I've given oral to hundreds of girls in Thailand and Vietnam that I didn't know I could trust, and I never had any problems from oral.

I also think good hygiene is important for one's self. After I finish giving or receiving oral, I'm in the shower washing up with soap. Pay regular attention to your body, get checked out for STD's on a regular basis, keep some antibiotic medicine around for STI's, and try to not let your worries interfere with your sexual performance.

Hope that helps some. :)
United States
Had BBBJ's in Thailand several times. I only had one scare, when I came back stateside, the shaft of my dick began to itch and burn something fierce. I began to worry as I thought maybe I brought something back.

I went to the clinic after 2 days (thinking/hoping it would go away). Turns out it was a yeast infection. I've never had one before and didn't realize that a man can get those in his genital region either. Since I am avid about keeping up my hygeine I would have never guessed that would be something I'd contract.

I was open with the doctor about my activities at the begining. The doc seemed to think one of the woman who pleasured me may have had a bit of a yeasty mouth. He said he wouldn't rule that out.

It was a relief. I had to take a pill for a few days that caused some headaches as a side effect. I also had to rub some cream on my dick for 10 days, that wasn't as bad.