Fake profiles on Line and Wechat

It’s always a surprise who will be there when you open the door. So few profiles allow you to see their face. But hundreds of girls available across the city. I estimate D10 must have about 200+. Price range 300k up to 4 million even.
D10 + D8 is the best place to be for this kind of stuff...
I agree. But I have had mostly good experiences in Phu Nhuan too.

I've had amazingly horrible experiences in Binh Duong and Thu Duc. Avoided a bad one in District 2 by pretending I had to leave suddenly.

Sometimes I come across a profile for one in some distant district and think it's a great find, I imagine that this one is an underappreciated gem. Then I go there and discover it's a fake profile or one that looks way rougher than the photos, or has unbelievably terrible attitude that ruins the experience.

So in D8 and D10, you're safer. There's so much competition there, not many will play games like that with fake pics or terrible service. I've pretty much stopped looking at profiles that aren't in D8, D10, Phu Nhuan or D1.