First massage experience in Vietnam

@webertran So I just speak only English, Do you know if QB provide FS to Viet Kieu?
@andytran I don't know since I never been there myself as well. I'm planning on going there when I visit later this month, but from what everyone has said about QB on this forum, they do not offer FS to locals.
You should definitely go there and only speak English and try your luck and let us know
@andytran I don't know since I never been there myself as well. I'm planning on going there when I visit later this month, but from what everyone has said about QB on this forum, they do not offer
@webertran I spoke mainly English with them and when I did speak viet I stuck to the barebones basic, often mispronouncing words to let them know I was truly a viet kieu. When asked if I wanted head I said “boom boom mot trieu” and that worked for me to get FS.
Melbourne, AUS
Having traveled to HCMC since 2012, I've been able to explore more and see this mongering scene really pick up.
I stay with family in Go Vap, which is north of Tan Son Nhat Airport. It's a buzzing area, busy and packed with people and everything you would expect with Vietnam. The other thing is that it is mostly local, you don't see hardly any tourists at all around there, and when you do you generally not the head to each other. I am 41, Aussie, just under 6 ft, and speak low level Vietnamese, so I stand out up there.... So I need to be careful mongering there as I am identifiable!
Now normally I would head in towards D7, D10 or D1 for some play however from getting to know more people around Go Vap and Tan Binh districts, there Intel ad well as some websites they've shared with me, it has opened up a treasure-trove of massage shops throughout the areas. On my last trip to HCMC in February 2019 i managed to hit up Massage Dubai at 206 Nguyễn Văn Lượng, Phường 10, Gò Vấp, Hồ Chí Minh, it cost 700K VND which was all inclusive with girl, B2B and BJ/HJ. No line-up but you could specify what you like and turn away the girl if not to your liking. The guys working there are pretty cool too, girl was nice, about 25 and quite tidy. BJ was alright, not amazing but the massage and B2B was amazing.
I also tried Massage 528 at 416 Phan Văn Trị, Phường 5, Gò Vấp, Hồ Chí Minh 700000, was also good. Nice set up just down the road from Emart. At first they tried charging me 1M VND though I told them I was informed the rate was 700K. Settled on 800K with the proviso they send me their best lady. Did not disappoint. 24, tall with a fit body, BJ was biggest and I had full play with her body..... We really got into and I pushed for FS which she said 'not here, go to hotel'. I didn't last that long, and shot my load.
Plenty more shops in the area and will be testing them out in February 2020 plus giving Kynu a run also. Surprised the amount of girls within the Go Vap region on Kynu.... just hope they are at least close to their airbrushed photos.

Happy punting,
Go vap is one of the most populated district in Saigon that’s why you see more shops and girls there. There are also other web site called “ gái gọi” and “gái làng chơi” which lists the girl and show their pictures as well. You can call and try out
These websites are for local men which I can rea but just call the number listed and negotiate. Enjoy and be safe
The local Viet guys might get a slightly lower rate, but i am 100% sure they don't get the same level of "lovin' ".

I've dated a couple of pro and non-pro local Viet girls and they prefer the guy that pays more. And those pros are working, so naturally it's all about the Benjamins. Even normal guys with money. Women like money and stability.

Now, normal girls might prefer a Viet. But not local. They prefer Viet Kieus as i understand it, because they can communicate and because we generally are more "rong rai" (flexible on spending $$$) when going out with them in general.

And the chics that can speak English, they dig you white dudes and/or Cali Viet Kieus.

I've heard this straight from at least 4 local Viet girls, pro and normal.