First time at Neko Massage in Hanoi

Hi @Logan, me and my friends are flying out to Hanoi for a week, and we are excited to learn Neko Nuru is close to our hotel. Since I have never experienced a sensual massage or happy ending, I was both nervous and curious on the practice. After reading your wonderful review about Neko Massage in Hanoi, I feel much more comfortable and educated with the subject, and want to offer a great deal of thanks for the effort you put into your reviews. It has helped us a lot in understanding the services that are offered.

I have some questions about Neko Nuru Massage:
  1. I was under the impression that happy ending is only limited to a handjob, but I was surprised to learn in your review that it also consists of a blowjob. When you visit Neko Massage, do all happy endings consist of a blowjob?
  2. With choosing a girl, will me and my friends be able to choose our girls for the Super King massage room package?
  3. This is our first time at an erotic massage place. Is there any advice you would give us?
  4. Will we be allowed to touch the girls during the massages (breasts, between their legs, etc.)?
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Since I have never experienced a sensual massage or happy ending, I was both nervous and curious on the practice.
Going to Neko Massage for your first erotic massage with happy ending will spoil you for any future sexual massage experiences :ROFLMAO:

How many friends will be joining you for the Super King room? And how many days will you be in Hanoi?

In response to your questions:
  1. When going to Neko Massage, you should expect to receive blowjobs for happy endings. I would not expect CIM (cum in mouth) because every girl is different about their willingness to do this. I never expect CIM, but I'm always happy when it happens. And keep in mind, every girl differs with their overall mood and how they may feel about you, which might affect their handjob/blowjob ratio when finishing. For example, if a girl feels very comfortable with you, maybe she will 30% handjob and 70% blowjob to finish you, while another girl may not feel as comfortable and give you 80% handjob and 20% blowjob. I strongly believe having good personal hygiene and a friendly attitude will yield the best results.

  2. You are paying for their most expensive massage package, therefore I recommend to not be passive and fully expect to choose your massage girls. I posted photos of the massage girls working at Nero Massage. I recommend you and your friends look at the girls and arrive having a first and second choice in mind. For the best results, I would advise contacting Neko Massage on Zalo or WhatsApp to schedule a Super King appointment with the specific girls. Remember, you're paying for their most expensive massage package, which means they should do more to please you and your friends.

  3. The rooms do not have secure lockers. Leave your passport, credit cards, valuables, and other belongings at home, as this will be one less worry when you're enjoying time with the girls. Bring enough cash to cover the ticket and tip; and some extra cash in the event a girl goes well above and beyond what is expected.

    Personal hygiene cannot be overstated. Vietnamese girls are sensitive to smells and odors. The weather in Hanoi is hot and humid, and I don't recommend arriving very hot and sweaty. Take a shower before you go, and if that's not possible, hang out in an air conditioned cafe before arriving. Under no circumstance, do not eat Indian food 24 to 48 hours before you go because Vietnamese girls despise the smell of Indian curries and spices. Generally speaking, everything about your personal hygiene helps the overall experience because you don't want the girls turned off when they meet you.

    Try and get some good sleep the night before. Stay hydrated. The girls will hand you a small bottle of water, but it's never enough for me. I drink water throughout the day, everyday, and try to drink a bottle before visiting any massage place. Our health affects our sexual energy, and I want my body to feel as good as possible to maximize the sexual experience.

    Smile. Be nice and friendly. Of course, learning some basic Vietnamese always helps, but a smile goes a long way. You want the girls to feel safe and comfortable with you. Maybe she is having a bad day or her previous customer was a jerk; your positive attitude and energy helps the girls feel good about being with you. And most of my advice for newbies going to hot tocs applies here.

  4. Yes, you can touch the girl's bodies. And if you're not sure, you can always ask politely. I'm always gentle when I first touch them; lightly rubbing their back as they're washing me in the bath. I want the girl to feel comfortable and safe in the beginning, and then my hands plan to enjoy their bodies during the massage and happy ending. Most girls want you to touch them during the happy ending because this should turn you on more, and the more you're turned on, the quicker you'll probably cum. Your hands can freely touch their breasts, legs, and ass.

    When my hand is rubbing between their legs, I always say "Is this ok?" to get permission before fingering a girl. Again, every girl is going to be different... some girls have told me I can touch, but don't go inside them; some girls have taken my hand and put my fingers inside them; and some girls allow me to give them oral pleasure at the same time. I would not worry about it because most girls will simply move your hand if they don't want you to touch them somewhere specific.
A few other things I'll add...

Do not try kissing the girl. If the girl wants to kiss you, she will initiate this when she is being playful with you.

Some of the best advice I've heard about spending time with multiple girls is to choose your massage girl, and then let her choose the other girls. The reasoning is you want all the girls to feel comfortable with the other girls working during the same massage experience. You don't have to do this, but it's another option.

Install Zalo on your phone. Zalo is the most popular messaging app in Vietnam. If you and your friends enjoy the time with the girls, and the girls also seem to genuinely have fun with you and your friends, you can always ask for their contact information to try and meet them outside of their work.

Most of all, enjoy the time with the girls and have fun! You are not walking into some unknown hot toc, where you blindly have no idea what will happen. I've done this numerous times at questionable hot tocs in Vietnam trying to get a massage. Neko Massage is reputable, safe, and an established massage place in the capital of Vietnam. Try to not have any anxiety because this affects our sexual energy. Go into it with a positive attitude, have fun, and enjoy the experience.

And bring a few condoms. Just in case. You never know what might happen :ROFLMAO:
Hi there, thanks for your message, please check out this threads as i have explained detailed how it works, and if you have any question please feel free to ask.
Neko Massage Review with Pictures - Nuru Massage - Hanoi, Vietnam

Thanks @Logan again, you have some great tips that i agree with. Except the condoms part. We have very strict policy at our location: absolutely no FS inside our facility, after her shift, or anythign happen outside, we dont care. The reason is we followed an unwritten policy with authority to keep everyone safe and happy.
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