first time in HCMC experience

Field Report on first trip in HCMC on 4th Nov 19
first day in hcm city (from indonesia batam island, just 40 minutes by ferry from singapore and 90 minutes from johor bahru malaysia),
i booked a hotel in bui vien street, arrived around 7:30 first thing to do is contact @R2R2 for night out
and then i tried w3chat and other chat app to try my luck
but damn, first one is hell
agreed overnight for 2.5m when she come, she look nice, but asking for full payment, i didnt agree, so i just give her 1.2
for 1st round, its really bad, fake moaning, unable to do anything (not even nipple licking), dont want to do BJ, she asked extra 500k for BJ
lol, i just really want to finish this quickly and tell her to go
before she go, she said contact her again later, in my mind i really want her to go as soon as possible
after that, i met up with R2R2 + 1 friend and had some drink and see some girl
but due to finished one round, im not really interested to get another girl for that night
so just have some beers and do some scanning around bui vien
(thanks to R2R2 for the help and advice)
after done, i feel tipsy and go back to hotel
but still cannot sleep, maybe after 1 or 2 hours, i got another girl again, and this one is satisfied for 1m short time, got gfe feeling
the next day, just go around HCM and find another girl for night, and at last, settle with the second girl from last night
and return to manila

next one i'm gonna write some experience between HCM, Manila and Batam Island