Freelancer girls in Saigon or Da Nang

Hi all,

I am flying in for 4 days next week and was wondering if anyone have any good referrals for girls who are the real deal. I don't have much time as this is a work trip to use the suggested options in this forums. They do involve some research and trial and error which I don't have enough time. I think if we can have access to a pool of genuine contacts that would lift this forum to the next level.
Last year I visited Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and DaNang. This year I visited Vung Gui and must say I found it all very disappointing.
Had no luck at all finding any girls or if they are there, I must have been looking in the wrong places.
I hear Cambodia is now the place to go for girls, like Thailand used to be 30 years ago.
As for escorts, way too expensive and no way was I prepared to pay those prices.
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Did you mean Vung Tau? Nothing much there except beach and golf courses.

HCMC Saigon and Danang is mostly under the radar except for Little Japan, non-FS hot tocs/NPK's and various massage joints and for Danang there is pretty much only CocoBay.

Lack of language is a barrier because the offering isn't widely in the open. It's there, just not commercialized like Thailand or Bui Vien areas which is overpriced and lacks quality.
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I live in Danang, lots of p4 p, any massage shop, not spa, but massage, plenty around the city.
Ask any moto driver, not grab. Or they will ask u later at night downtown area. Moto guys will bring you to the gals, it can get a little sketchy as they drive u down back streets etc. But never had a problem, just the way it is.
Danang is very low key, quiet, but ask and you WILL receive.
Also some nice freelancers about or online.