Freelancer WeChat Girl Review - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Hello guys,

Here is a review about a freelancer wechat.

On wechat, it is a well know place to find freelancer but most of them put photoshop pictures or fake profiles pictures. So I always require non photoshop picture and video call to up the chance to meet a hot babe.

I found one gorgeous lady with nice body. The chat was easy, she was playful and can speak some English. She sent me some pictures and a short video call.

She look great as her pictures. So I send her my location and shower before meet her.

Unlike kynu, she will move to your place or hotel.

She welcome me with a big hug and a big smile. She smell good and put me in a good mood for some action. She make me feel like I meet a girlfriend and we have 1 hour lunch break for some fun before go back to work. Ah good nostalgia ...

Her skill is great for foreplay and bj. I really take my time to enjoy the first part.

She is 26y with a beautiful body, smooth skin with a great ass. She had normal breast for Vietnamese women. Firm but not super big.

The sex was great and I never felt rush to come fast. After sex, we cuddle, admire her diffrent tatoo and nap a bit.

Then go shower together.

I was happy to book a playful freelancer. To compare with my others experiences with freelancers or kynu girl, I was happy to have a girl who dont tired after 10 min or make me feel rush.

Total damage: 2M300K vnd (100 USD) for one shot after hard bargain but it a hot babe like ktv girl where you have to pay 3-4M easy. She is totally worth it and give good service.

I will call her again for sure.

Send me pm If you need her contact info.

Here some pictures of her.


If you don't mind me asking, how did you find her? Like where were you when you searched for her and how did you know she was a freelancer? In my experience, WeChat is cutting down on "bad" accounts so a lot of what's there is the managed girls.
Just try to contact and got lucky I guess. There is still plenty of freelancer to find if you are in D1 area. I can speak vn so that help too.
Hi Exzer, just found this forum. Thanks for your great review on the freelance girl. Do you mind sharing her WeChat info?

I am in town this week. Let's meet up for drinks if you are free.
I have contact for 500k for a fuck in HCMC. Not a beauty but she did her job.
1million offer, plenty available in HCMC thru dating apps (not wechat) just need patience to screen thru and negotiate.