FS in HCMC massage parlour

Hi. I am going to HCMC and Hannoi for 8 days in February. From what I understand from earlier threads in Hanoi Neko Nuru is a must visit place. Can anyone guide which massage parlour should I go in HCMC for massage and FS. Is it available in Queen Bee.
I've been trying my luck with some places. So far none has offered. Maybe its just bad luck with the girls. I'm a pretty young, good looking guy too! :((
The one place that did offer it to me was in Little Tokyo. The thing is with LT is there is always a premium. There's been some post on the forums where people were able to receive FS in massage places. There's always hope!
Then something is wrong. The more uninterested you are the more they push for fs in my opinion.

Try: When walking in, just by accident flash your roll of 500k thinking you have to pay "upfront", looking like a total noob. Then they know there is money to take, then you can start negotiations later for it. You can get condomless romps for 800k if they really like you (was quoted many times but never took it for obvious reasons)

Just dont be too keen on anything, enjoy the massage and be respectful. It will always trigger them to kiss You and shit to gain attention
You can try Line app. The girls there love non-viet speakers 😃 They generally ask for 1.5m vnd for fs. They are young and good looking and are willing to send recent pics of requested
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Getting to Saigon in one week, could use some direction as well, will actually be my first time in Asia. I'm used to the massage places in the Bay Area and Vegas, basically some do some don't. Any favorite places out there where I'll know what to expect. Thanks for the tips
[QUOTE = "sodak, post: 5218, membro: 3462"] Queen Bee è una merda, non andare lì. Prova le ragazze gai goi per FS. Puoi anche ottenere FS in posti di massa nella città del Giappone, ma preparati a pagare 2 milioni +. [/ PREVENTIVO]
Dove si trovano le ragazze Gai Goi??? Puoi dirlo a noi

Where are the Gai Goi girls ??? You can tell us
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