Full service massage in Hanoi?

Hey guys! I'm looking for a full service massage place in Hanoi, Vietnam.

I was very disappointed after going to Neko Massage and Emperor Spa because the girls at these places refused to provide full service. The best they could do was provide me their Facebook/Line contact to have sex with them in my room. I have read reviews that the girls at Oasis Massage will provide full service, but some have said otherwise.

Where can I find a full service massage in Hanoi?

Many thanks!
Southeast Asia
Oasis Massage in Hanoi is the only place that I know where you can get full service.

Oasis Massage is not like Queen Bee Massage in Ho Chi Minh, where full service is expected. When you visit Oasis Massage, choose your massage package, and wait until you're in the room to ask your girl in private. You can get handjob, blowjob, or full service for your happy ending.

Let us know how it goes.