Full service massages in Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh

I'd love to check out Queen Bee Massage, but it's a very far round trip for me.

I know there are a ton of full service massage places and karaokes in Binh Thanh District from the news press releases of busts, but seems like only the locals know which is which.

Anyone have some good intel?
@Logan, I'm surprised you tag me on this!! hahahaha

@Redbroom, why must be Binh Thanh District?

I've recently been searching around with local expats, who have stayed in Ho Chi Minh for more than 10 years, for more interesting places. Yes, there are many other places, which you guys haven't known about. In District 1, there are many massage centers providing full service between budgets of 1.5M - 2.0M VND and service the locals.

We always suggest Queen Bee Massage in District 7 because that's the only place we know that serves foreigners.

In Binh Thanh District, there are many KTV and massage centers. Most of the KTV's have girls, but some do not. I seldom here about any friends or old timers mentioning any places in Binh Thanh District. Usually, they will go to District 1 or District 5 for massages and girls.

Give me some time and let me try to explore Binh Thanh District more, and I'll update you guys here.