Happy Spa Review - Little Japan, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

How was your 3 days in Ho Chi Minh? Where else did you go?
Hey @Logan... well, my stay in Saigon did not go according to plan due to bad weather. The first day, I spent 400,000 VND at a hot toc, and I planned to visit Kim Huy Massage in District 1 on my second day after exploring the city.

I was walking around Little Japan Saigon around 5:30pm. It was already raining, and I thought about getting a massage before the rain started to calm down. At that moment, I walked past Happy Spa, and one of the girls grabbed me and showed me their massage menu. It was 200,000 VND for the standard massage, and 400,000 VND for the VIP massage. The rain was getting heavier, and I just decided to get a massage here, and I asked to choose the girl.

There were 9 girls working at Happy Spa, and all of them were wearing the traditional Vietnamese dresses. 7 girls looked above average, and the other 2 girls were just average. I scanned the face and body of all the girls and decided to choose the last girl, as she was the prettiest, and I felt she would give a great massage. I chose the 500,000 VND massage package, where the girl washes you and gives you a body massage for one hour. I paid 500,000 VND directly to the person who seemed to be the spa owner and got a free Coke.

We went upstairs, and the girl told me to get naked. After undressing, she washes me, and I start to get hard when she washed between my legs. She proceeded to give me a body massage, and honestly, the body massage was excellent... definitely better than the hot toc massage. After about 40 minutes, she asked whether I want her to massage my dick or not. Her price was 700,000 VND for handjob, and 1,200,000 VND for blowjob. I forgot to mention this girl cannot speak English, and we communicated using Google Translate.

I asked how much for sex, and she seemed surprised, and asked me back "how much do you think I am?". I would have happily paid 3,000,000 VND to have sex with this girl because I liked her very much... her face, her body, her attitude... definitely girlfriend type, but I only had 1,600,000 VND in my wallet. I smiled and said I don't know. She told me she usually charges 2,000,000 VND for sex, but I said I only have 1,600,000 VND. Desperate for money (I guess), she accepted the 1,500,000 VND that I was willing to pay.

She got undressed and was naked and damn seeing her body, I'm very glad I decided to fuck her. Tight ass, pretty face, slim with big breasts... what a combination. After she washed her body, we started French kissing first. The French kissing went on for quite some time, as I didn't want to let go of her mouth. Then my mouth started to move on to her neck and breasts. I grabbed them, kissed them, licked them. And I did the same thing to her tight ass. And then the sex happened. After I cum, we continued French kissing for a short time.

Overall, it was a very pleasant experience, even though I know I could have had sex for a cheaper price elsewhere. But for this girl, I have no problems paying more than 2,000,000 VND to have sex with her.
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I enjoyed your review of Happy Spa. I've walked by this place many times, and they are always aggressive with their massage menu every time I walk by there, but the girls definitely look beautiful!

Even though the prices in Little Japan are on the high side, you did great bargaining with her. And it's always better when you're very attracted to your massage girl, and it sounds like she gave you a fun girlfriend experience, especially with all the French kissing.

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience there. This is the first review in our community from one of the massage spa places in Little Japan Saigon.

Nha Trang
Finally! Someone on this forum reviewed one of these Japanese massage spas in Saigon. Every time I walk through the Japanese area of Saigon, I see these amazing gorgeous Vietnamese model girls, and I know they are expensive, but I've never agreed to anything or tried any of these places. Thank you for sharing this review! I might have to go the next time I'm in HCM.
Does anyone have an address for Happy Spa?

I just arrived in Ho Chi Minh, specifically Ben Thanh Market, and from what I can tell, Little Japan Saigon is within walking distance.
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Does anyone have an address for Happy Spa?

I just arrived in Ho Chi Minh, specifically Ben Thanh Market, and from what I can tell, Little Japan Saigon is within walking distance.
Happy Spa is located at 15B9 Le Thanh Ton in District 1, Ho Chi Minh. It's across the street from the Lancaster apartment building, along with several massage spas. At night, it's easy to see, with "Happy Spa" in purple neon letters and a huge yellow neon smiley face.


I went to one of these Japanese spa early last year. The girls were very pretty and nice and the service were great. However, it was expensive with FS for 3 million Dong. Thanks for the review.
I can confirm. Full service was $3,000,000 VND, verified and satisfied :ROFLMAO:

I like Little Japan Saigon. The girls are expensive, but I really like the girls really, and they are different from other massage places wearing ao dai :)