Happy Spa Review - Little Japan, Ho Chi Minh

Following up on the recent Happy Spa Review in Ho Chi Minh, I decided to visit yesterday night.

I stepped into the spa and was invited to sit and choose from their menu. I went with the VIP massage package for 500,000 VND.

Next was the lineup of massage girls. Pretty decent selection overall. I chose a cutie with a very tight body and lovely tits. Before we went up, I was offered a choice of coke, beer, or water.

Shower first. Some light handjob action. My girl was very friendly and giggly. Massage was above average, chatted her up while she worked her petite hands over my body. Turns out she has a Vietnamese boyfriend who doesn't know what she does in the evenings (how can that be though?). Massage continues, light tickling of the balls every now and then :)

Flipped over and asked her straightforward for sex. Negotiated sex for 1,600,000 VND and away we go. She changes into a skimpy dress before leaning over to give me a blowjob. The blowjob managed to harden my cock nicely, though I think she had the potential to do better. Some nipple licking while she plays with my balls and then I'm ready to go. I laid her down across my massage table and pounded her while standing (condom provided by her). She removed her dress and those lovely tits were a sight to behold bouncing around everywhere.

After the deed, she asked me to relax on the table, and she gave me a nice head massage for another 10 minutes.

All in all, a good deal in my view. 500,000 + 1,600,000 VND = 2,000,000 VND ($90 USD)
San Jose, CA
Usd$90, not cheap though.
Not really expensive at all. When i was in BKK, price was 3000 baht, both times. 3000 baht is $100 USD these days.

When i did an overnighter, it was $100 USD plus my tipping. This is significantly cheaper than BKK. Better looking gals on average in Vietnam, but beauty in the eyes of a beholder, is an opinion.

When i did my 2nd overnighter, it was more due to tipping. Without tipping, it would be less. Tipping is not required.

Cheap, expensive, Value.

"Some people know the price of everything, but the Value of nothing".

Cheap, expensive, Relative.

To someone who makes and pays minimum $120 and north of $300 for a 1 hr. average gal in his home country, everything else seems cheap. Especially when the average income is $120,000+ USD per year.

To someone who makes $2000-$2500 per capita income per year, of course that's expensive. It is all "Relative".

Happiness is Priceless.