HCM cheap report

Hi all
So far met 1 member here.If others want to meet or not up2u.
Went to NPK early afternoon to a shop I have been 2 years ago and mamasan still agrees on 300k.So why guys pay 400k there? She did the job but service was just ok so no tip.
The next day had a girl from kynu for 400k.Went to her hotel.Paid 60k for the room.The girl arrived after 5mn looks a bit older than the pics (I was ready for it) but nice tits shaved pussy and white ass.Again she did the job but not long enough to my taste.I paid after and no tip.Sex in Vietnam with a pro is always rushed unless you pay big bucks which I m not willing to do.So for 700k I got laid twice with 2 different girls.
Decided to go on exploration outside D1 today looking for cheap local hot tocs.Had 2 areas I wanted to cover coz I didnt have the exact address from another board.First two ones were easy to spot.Entered the first one price was written on the wall.250.Payment first.No English.I asked to see the girls first.Only 4 girls early afternoon.3 chubby ones and a slim one with ugly face.All young.Didnt like any.Left with a smile.Second one.Only 1 girl.Not friendly and speaking some English.She said 350.I told her to get lost and left.Obviously she has been spoiled by stupid foreigners already.Guys if you want to overpay and overtip pls stay in D1 dont spoil local places.
Went to the second area which was harder to find.It was at end of a very long street and I got off the bus too soon.Finally arrived to the hot toc.Entered.Again no English.Friendly mamasan and guy at the réception.They want 250 first.I said show me the girls first.3 chubby girls came.I said I like slim only.Then after 2mn a slim one came according to my taste.She looks surprised I picked her up.Paid 250 then went to room.No AC.Fan is down.The girl starts getting undressed same time as me which I like.I lay down on the back and she sits next to me opened legs so I can play with her pussy while she s sucking me.Then after a while she sits on me rubbing her pussy on my dick while I m sucking her tits.I m getting hard now and I could easily put my dick inside if I wanted too.Instead she s the one who grabbed my dick put it inside her and start sitting on it.So nice.Didnt expect FS in a local hot toc.So I say lets go for it:) Fucked her while she s on top of me and I m sucking her tits like crazy.Then turned her around dogstyle until I came loudly on her ass.She was happy.Me too.
Took cold shower.Put my clothes on.Everybody said byebye like I m a rock star.250 for FS in HCM.Not bad for a foreigner.
Yesterday came back to see if my 250 FS girl was there.Unfortunately she wasnt.And no other girl was appealing to me so I left.Went to another HT 100m away.Came in.Friendly receptionist showed me 2 girls first which I rejected.I said I like young and slim and it seems he got my point.2 mn later 19yo girl perfect ass big tits showed up.Sounds good to me.250 lets do it.This time I undress first and she washes my dick first in the shower then back to the room and she gets undressed too.Really nice tits.Again she sits on the massage table legs opened while sucking me.Her technique is a bit strange but ok.Then she sucks my nipples while giving me handjob.And I m really fingering her nicely.Then back to bj and so on.Her technique isnt good enough to make me cum and I can see she s getting tired.Then she lays down on her back.I point her pussy but she says no my tits.She wants me to cum with spanish HJ.Why not? It starts getting hot but after a while I managed to cum between her big tits and reached her face with my cum.Another 250 well spent and another day in boring HCM:)
Today I decided to come back to my favourite HT to see if my 18yo spinner was there for FS again and yes she was.She was happy to see me again and mamasan greeted me again in a very friendly way.Paid 250 and went inside.I said lets have a quick shower together because I had something in mind😀.Then we are both back to the massage table and up for a 69.I really wanted to make her scream this time.She loved my tongue and had to stop the bj for a while.Then when she was really going wet I pushed her forward so that she could sit on my banana.This time was even better than last time.We had several positions and I finally came with a huge load again.She was happy again.Me too.Definitely a keeper.But I wonder if other HT adventurers like me had the same story or am I just lucky? I never heard a HT place could deliver FS as well or am I wrong? Anyway a nice way to spend a boring Saturday afternoon by fucking a nice 18yo spinner at a local price.😀