HCMC Freelancer "Sarah"

I was in HCMC for Vacation and was looking for some fun. Found several providers I liked on massagerepublic.com and Sarah was the first to respond so we set something up for the evening here is her profile with contact info.:

Sarah, Vietnamese escort in Ho Chi Minh City (2) a

Wow I was not disappointed. She is exactly as her pictures. She's not tall maybe 5 foot/152 cm without shoes but she's as pretty in person as she is on her pictures. We kiss on the cheek and hug and we head for my apartment. Her English is very good. Better than any VN person I've met who wasn't born in US. We could talk and have conversation without problem.

We get to my apartment and she gets comfy and I start to undress. We start to kiss softly but quickly start to kiss like teenagers! She does not hesitate to kiss me like a long time lover. Very deep and as much as I want! Wow I got lucky, I think to myself. I start to take off her blouse, her bra, her shorts and left her panties on. I rub my face all over her small ass and narrow thighs. Her skin is immaculate. She's as porcelain as any woman I've seen. She's toned but not muscular.

I lay down and she takes over. Starts with lots of kissing of course because she knows that I like it. She kisses my thighs and hips and then stops at my groin. She looks at my cock and me and slowly puts in her mouth while she stares at me. She puts damn near everything in her mouth and throat and keeps going. Licks my balls, and shaft and continues to deepthroat. I stop her on occasion to kiss me deeply because my lips are jealous of my cock! Well she goes back to my cock and she starts to go lower. She lifts my hips up and starts to lick my ass! Wow that was unexpected! I didn't ask for it but here's this hot, beautiful Vietnamese woman licking my ass! I am in paradise!

We start in missionary so we can kiss, then move with her on top (I don't like this but women enjoy ridding) and then some doggy-style. I was so damn close to release but had to stop so we can go back to missionary. I truly enjoyed kissing her so I wanted to finish while we were kissing. I release all my semen in the cover and just loved every minute of it. She gets up to clean herself and cleans me up some. She takes shower and then I take shower.

There are plenty of providers who do what she does but Sarah is sincere when she kisses. She is sincere when we make love. And she is sincere when we talk. I understand she is a working girl but she made me feel like she was my girlfriend the entire time. She is definitely worth your time. She will make you feel special and I guarantee you will want to see her many times before you leave Sai Gon. You will not regret it. I know you can find much cheaper time in Bangkok or Pattatya but they will not make you feel like a king. Sarah will make you feel like a king.
Thanks Shankee for alerting to this English language site. More money but if the girls can speak reasonable english this is an additional benefit for me when compared to KYNU site and girls
United States
Thanks for the review. It seems you really had an amazing time.
The price on the website is really high even for such an experience as it's almost
the same price as what is charged here.
I think I would prefer going Kynu or a massage place instead and get 2 ladies or something for that price, but that's just me. =)