Hcmc report

New York City
As promised, here is my first epxerience at HCMC. I’ve been to Hanoi a year ago and let me tell you, Neko is the bomb and i have yet to find anything close to it. Facility and girls were top notch in my book. So I stayed across the street from Japan town by chance in HCMC. There’s a Haagen Daz nearby. Many spa places on that block and went to about 2 places trying different girls. Girls were hot...some real hot...it was around 2m + 500 house. Some wanted 3m but negotiated. FS. All in. I am Asian btw. Went to one spa inside Japan town, same deal. Went to a few bars, drinking were expensive since you’re buying dirnks for the ladies as well. Nothing speical happened. Went to one soapy Phuong Anh, girl was good but like i said, still can’t find one that comes close to Neko. Got overcharged in one Ktv bar in Japan town. Too drunk to remember where it was lol. Had a nice cute chick to sit with. Had fun But nothing happened w/ the girl. Wanted to try other KTV as mentioned on this site but figured i didnt need to spend the $ since all the massages was closeby and girls were hot hot hot. Always wanted to go to Queen Bee but again, my area sufficed. The girls you see on youtube at Queen Bee is the same quality to the spas around me, some better. Tried Wechat. Bait and switch. So sent her away but paid since i tried to bang her anyways lol. Didnt get to try Kynu since i was happy with just going down my block.
I was in Pattaya (first time) and Bangkok (2nd time) for a few days before HCMC. There were many hotties in Thermae and Baccara. Some hotties in soapies. Some nana/cowboy bars just had to many younger chicks that didnt float my boat. Planning my next trip and will return to HCMC w/ BKK and MNL