Hoai 42 Hot Toc Review - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Southeast Asia

This review is for Hoai 42 Hot Toc, located at 42 Vo Thi Sau in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh. This Vietnamese hot toc is also known as Tiem Toc Hoai and is easy to find near Le Van Tam Park in District 1.

I was finishing lunch nearby in District 3, and I needed a blowjob. The night before, I had taken a satchet dose of Kamagra, and I was feeling some of the side affects this afternoon and needed a release. I was near Le Van Tam Park and was going to walk to Nguyen Phi Khanh street for a blowjob, but then decided to try someplace new, and there are several hot tocs along Vo Thi Sau street.

Hoai 42 Hot Toc operates as a legitimate hot toc offering haircuts and is not your typical Vietnamese blowjob bar. This hot toc has two floors, the first floor is for haircuts, and the second floor is for massages and blowjobs. From the outside, this place looks like any other hot toc in Vietnam. There are beautiful Vietnamese girls wearing sexy red dresses, and they are giving haircuts to Vietnamese men sitting in barber shop style booths inside. And nobody speaks English.

When I walked inside, I saw about 6 or 7 different Vietnamese girls working the barber shop floor. A couple of them looked good, a couple of them did not look good, and the others were average. It was a mixed bag of looks, and every girl was wearing the exact same thing. I have no idea which of the girls working will also give blowjobs, and because nobody speaks any English, it's nearly impossible to have any kind of conversation for choosing a girl.

As soon as I walked in, the girls looked at me, and I said "massage" and one of the girls said to come with her upstairs. She was the only girl sitting down when I walked in, and I don't know if she was the next girl in queue or the other girls were not there to give blowjobs. The girl that I followed upstairs was not particularly attractive, she appeared to be in her mid to late 30's, was slightly overweight, but I went with it hoping for a good blowjob. One of the challenges I have with finding Vietnamese girls for blowjobs is personally, I am attracted to small and thin girls, which means their mouths are usually too small for giving good blowjobs. But on this particular afternoon, I cared less about looks and just wanted a good blowjob.

Going upstairs, there are only two rooms. One room was large, with 6 massage beds sitting next to each other and setup for public communal massages. I suppose this is where legitimate massages happen. The second room was small, completely private, and had a single massage bed inside and nothing else. And of course, we went to the small, private room.

She points to some hooks on the wall, and I get undressed and hang my clothes. I lay on the massage bed, on my back, completely naked. My massage girl rubs her hands lightly across the top of my body, from my legs to my chest, as if she was giving a fake massage. She tells me her tip will be 500,000 VND for a blowjob, and I agree with a smile. She takes a disinfectant wipe and cleans between my legs.

She starts to kiss my nipples, and her hand starts to fondle between my legs. She is touching me lightly, trying to arouse me more. She starts to give me a handjob and is looking at my face to see how I feel. I wanted more, and she leans over and starts giving me a blowjob, sucking on me without using her hand. After about a minute, she leans back up and goes back to giving a handjob. I use my hand to gently tug down on her dress, and she pulls the top of her dress and bra down, and her large breasts fall right out. She pulls the bottom of her dress up and leaves her underwear on. She puts my hand on her ass, my other hand grabs her nice breasts, and my finger starts to rub her bullet nipples. She leans back over and continues with the blowjob without using her hands. I was fully turned on at this point, and she leaned back up and was back to giving me a handjob. I wanted to feel her sucking on me more, and I moved my hand onto her back, letting her know I wanted her to lean over and suck more. She seemed hesitant because she thought I was going to cum, and I gently pushed on her back until she leaned over and sucked on me more. She was giving an average blowjob, no deep throat, but also no teeth so the tip felt good when she sucked. I was ready to cum, and she lifts her mouth up and goes back to handjob again. I wanted to cum in her mouth, and I used my hand to push her back down onto me, but she was not going to let me cum in her mouth. She had a towel ready for me to cum onto, she made some fake moaning sounds, and she continued stroking the handjob. She continued stroking me with the right amount of pressure as I cum into the towel, to make sure everything was out of me.

She takes another disinfectant wipe and cleans between my legs, and then we both get dressed. When I gave her 500,000 VND for her tip, she says the cost for the massage room is 200,000 VND, which I was expecting before I arrived, and I paid her 700,000 VND ($30 USD) and said thank you.

We leave the room and go downstairs. At the bottom of the stairs, I saw a girl working there who was talking on her phone, and she looked very good. When I was walking through the barber shop on the first floor, I looked again at the girls working there. A couple of them were cute, but the rest were average to below average. There were a few Vietnamese men getting haircuts, and I looked out of place as a foreigner walking through this hot toc. I smiled, kept walking, and let myself out.

In the end, I had a very average blowjob from a below average girl. I liked that she didn't use her hand when she gave me a blowjob, but I wish she would have let me cum in her mouth. And because I do not speak Vietnamese, I don't know which girls working at this hot toc will give blowjobs. If I was to come back here again, I would definitely be less passive and look around for girls not busy giving haircuts to customers, and try to pick a better looking girl. And hope for the best. :)