Hoang Thanh Hot Toc - Second Review - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Southeast Asia
This is my second review for Hoang Thanh Hot Toc located at 140 Nguyen Phi Khanh Street in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

I hadn't been to a blowjob bar in Ho Chi Minh for a few weeks because I've been busy traveling and hooking up with girls along the way. I found myself back in Ho Chi Minh for a few days, was walking along Hai Bai Trung, and enjoying some Vietnamese food at Le Van Tam Park in District 1. Looking at the map, I realized I was a 10 minute walk from Nguyen Phi Khanh Street, and I had a fairly good experience in my first review for Hoang Thanh Hot Toc and decided to give it a try again.

When I arrived to Nguyen Phi Khanh Street, I walked to Hoang Thanh Hot Toc, where a Vietnamese man was sitting out front reading the newspaper. Nothing was said, I motioned I was coming in, and he rang the doorbell and opened the metal doors for me. My eyes were still adjusting from the bright sunshine outside, but as I walked in, there were a few more girls in here than last time. Most of the girls I saw looked above average and attractive. An older Vietnamese woman motioned for me to go upstairs, and one of the younger girls followed me up.

On the second floor, I walked ahead of the girl to a very nice massage room in the back. I didn't bother taking photos this time because it was the exact same massage room as before, and I already posted photos of this massage room in my first review. When I arrived into the room, I turned around and was disappointed because the Vietnamese girl that followed me up the stairs was not that attractive. She was young with nice skin, but she didn't have a pretty face. All the other girls I saw downstairs were much better looking.

Even though this girl was not attractive, she had a great personality and spoke decent English. She kept saying I looked handsome, asked me where I was from, told me she was from Ho Chi Minh, and was one of the most talkative massage girls I've met. From the beginning, I could easily tell she was more into me than I was into her. And she was always nice and gentle with me. I wanted to be more excited, because she was very cheerful and excited to be with me, but it was challenging.

She helped me remove my clothes and placed everything on the nearby cabinet, where I could easily see my belongings. She has me lay down on the massage table, completely naked, and touches me a few times before saying she will be right back. She leaves the massage room for a few minutes and returns with bottle of cold water for me and a blowjob cleaning kit for her. She wipes my body down, cleaning me from my chest to my legs. And then she washes my right hand, which was going to be for her pleasure.

She removes her dress and underwear, and begins massaging my legs. She chops her hands along my leg muscles and tries to make me more relaxed. After a few minutes rubbing my legs, she places my right hand on her body and begins kissing my nipples. Her skin was soft, and her body felt young and firm. She goes back and forth, sucking and moaning on each nipple. Her lips work down my chest. She starts licking, kissing, and sucking between my legs as her hand gently starts to fondle a handjob. I probably should have been more aroused at this point, but I still wasn't attracted to this girl.

When the handjob turned into a full blowjob, she lifted one of her legs onto the massage table and moved my hand between her legs. She was clean shaven, feeling wet, and was moving her body to let me know we can 69 if I wanted. I wasn't trying to eat this girl out, so I just kept rubbing her. Her hands were on my legs, and she was giving me a full, deep blowjob with the right amounts of spit and moans. It did not seem mechanical, and she was really into it. She was getting turned on and wanted more, and she moved my fingers inside her. I was hard, but I wasn't going to be able to cum if I was focused on giving this girl an orgasm. If she was more attractive, I probably would have had different thoughts, but my body wasn't that charged up because I've been having a lot of sex these past few weeks. I slowly moved my hand and brought her leg back off the table. She kept giving me a good blowjob, I put my hand on her back, and I close my eyes and try to reach climax. For most blowjobs, I would cum sooner than this, but I underestimated how long this would take. She had good technique and kept with the sloppy blowjob. After a few more minutes, I reach climax and cum in her mouth, and she uses her hand to get every last drop out of this happy ending. She smiles and goes to the sink to wash her mouth.

She washes me off and hands me the bottle of cold water from earlier. As I'm getting dressed, she continues to have a good personality, was very nice to me, and makes some small talk. I thank her and give her 400,000 VND ($17 USD). She counts the money and smiles back. I lead the way out of the massage room, and walk slowly down the stairs to again get a good look at the girls lounging in the lobby area. All the young girls I saw on the couch or sitting on the chairs looked very good. Some had dresses, legs open, showing no underwear. I would come back here again, but I will choose a different girl next time.