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I realized that many of you here are international travelers (i.e. Logan) and gentlemen who enjoy the simple pleasures only women, especially beautiful women can provide. Though this should be moved to the appropriate category, there is a a little known man's paradise that is south of the border, known as "Zona Norte", in the town of Tijuana, Mexico. Here is what is known as Mexico's Red Light District where it is legal in these small 3 blocks, heavily guarded by Mexican authorities. There are a handful of clubs, but the best and most frequented is called Hong Kong Gentlemen's club.

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A hotel sits directly on top of this strip club/bar/brothel that you can stay at, and for a very reasonable fee. I have over the years had the most memorable sexperiences with some of the most beautiful Latina women on this planet. They come from all over Mexico and South America, to have a chance of making good money in their female prime. They range from Ms. Universe types to your average cute plain jane. There are at times over 200+ females in this club, some topless, some fully nude, flirting with guys at tables or guys wandering around with $3 beers in hand.

Hotel Cascadas

The cost ranges from 1000 to 2000 pesos ($50-$100 USD) for a 1 hr. romp upstairs in your own hotel. I've had many a Corona-type models here, and the gals are very friendly and open-minded. After all, they work in a very clean and high-class setting and their are droves of men going up then down recharging only to go back up because the women simply outnumber the men at times, and some are downright good and into sex. There is 3 levels to this place, and they have bottle service if you're into that. Girls will drink with you and if you buy them a $5 drink, it lasts a song and you can be like CloudyDay and finger bang some of them. Fondling and rubbing and lap dances are common and allowed. If you're into public display, there are booths right in the club on the 3rd levels where you can get a BJ as you're drinking your beer.

Next to this world-class club are other bordellos, and down the street and around the corner. On the street, there are a plenitude of freelancers, which didn't make the cut into the club but are simply worthy in their own right. The authorities protect the foreigner and clients maintaining a presence everywhere around this Zone since it is their business.

Place gets busy at night and super busy on Fridays and weekend nights. The best times to go are weekdays, mid-afternoon when the top-tier gals flood in and start work. I have seen some Asian, Caucasian, and even on rare occasion, a black girl working here.
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that was a great post. i always wanted to go there but dont have the chance and due to visa issues.
there is one club name The Pimp in Bangkok also similar to this. We hope to get one here in hcm but too bad because here is communist country and prostitution is illegal in term of law
I've been to Mexico a half dozen times and I've been to the Hong Kong Club twice before so I'm not trying to be alarmist... but TJ has always been a scuzzy border town and it's only gotten rougher with time. If you're obviously a foreigner you'll most likely avoid the narco related violence, but you're also easily identifiable by all the scammers/rogues there. I guess if you park your car in San Ysidro, cross on foot and take the HK Shuttle to the club and back after you finish you can most likely limit your risk. I understand that this is generally how red light districts are in the world but I suppose I'm biased in this regard because I know friends and acquaintances who've been victims of violence in Mexico.

@edisonchen: Club Pimp is more of a hostess club where the girls sit, drink and play games. They don't have rooms there to have sex with the girls like the Hong Kong Club. Sometimes girls will slyly jerk you off under the table or on the dance floor, but it's too open to do anything more than that. It's a YMMV situation where the girls can decide their own pricing and choose if they want to go home with you. I've had experiences all across the board from a girl going with me for free to one who quoted 10,000 Baht for short time lol. Still, the number of girls (overall quality too) on the weekend is incredible, it's really hard to choose when they have 50+ lineup at the same time. You should go at least once just to experience the lineup as well as the awesome live band.
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Never take your car into Mexico. Cabs are $5 each way. Ubers (better than cabs) are about $1.75 (each way).

With the $50 VIP card, you get a limo pickup from the border right to the club/hotel. And back. $5 tip each way (same as cab fares).

Along with the $50 VIP card, you also get 80% off lodging on Mondays and Tuesdays and free drink coupons each day, every day that you're there.

My friends and i have never experienced any violence but we never venture outside of the 3 blocks of heavy police presence. The main Narco violent areas are way East, past Zona Rio, the nice downtown part of TJ and east of that is where most of the Narco activity and poverty is very prominent. As far as scammers, there are scammers everywhere, as evident in Vietnam and in just about everywhere. Exercising common sense and a basic level of assertiveness goes a long way.

San Diego folks and Southern California guys make the trek in droves every Fridays and party there since the beers are less than in the States, and of course, the women. In Zona Rio, there are good restaurants where a full steak meal costs about $14, and a movie at the theatre is less than $2.
Thanks! That's great advices and info! I have friends in PV that want to meet up at HK and promised an insane time. Looking forward to that trip!!
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Regarding the PIMP in BKK, there is now a second place called "PIMP Sister". And the entry for 4 guests is simply buying a bottle for $115. Free mixers all night:

Price Range: Non-Members: 3,500 baht for one bottle of Jack Daniels Black Label and 4 free admissions (plus free mixers all night). Membership from 10,000 baht with 4 bottles of whisky valid for 4 months.

Read more at: Pimp Sister Gentlemen’s Club - Bangkok.com Magazine

Here is the original PIMP Facebook Photos page. Unbelievable number of lighter-skinned and girl-next-door looking Thais:

Been to Hong Kong 50 days last four years. The woman's drink is not five dollars it's 8 I think at Hong Kong or 9. A dollar less at other bars. Some girls will drink it in two minutes some 22 minutes. For mongers traveling far to get to it, they aren't getting cheaper prices. They pay 90 to 100. Because you have to turn the girls away when. They say 90 100 and wait for. 70 60 dollar one. Guys on time constraints, they just pay the 90 100. Soon it will be 140 to 200 on weekends since guys keep paying, attendance must be going up because all clubs expand every year. I go alot, and wait for the slutty affectionate girl that will do 60. 60 is my limit. 90 I would rather watch porn. Alot times I go, don't have sex, go back to California. And it is very dangerous. All the bad things that have ever happened to me in my life, happened right in the clubs or directly outside of it. None of it was avoidable. Once you are targeted you are a victim. I live in poor USA city also but never had problems with people. Ever. Tijuana, is the most dangerous city in the entire world. As of August 2019. Spend a week in Hong Kong area and you will not argue.