Hot Toc Review - Nguyen Phi Khanh - Ho Chi Minh

First off many thanks to @Logan and other members for introducing me to this amazing aspect of Ho Chi Minh.

Second day in the country after travelling from Australia, and I definitely needed a load taken off (literally). I wanted to try Benny's Hot Toc first, but I had read somewhere on here that they may shut at 22:00, and it was about 22:15, so I decided to play it safe and got a grab bike to NPK after I had a shower. I was actually dropped off right at 110 so decided to give it a go. The captain gestured me over and walked me in. It definitely helped having read other reviews, I would've looked confident and like I'd done it a hundred times.

I had planned on telling the captain I wanted to pick a girl, but it all happened very quickly. Inside were about 6 girls in the dresses all watching TV and playing on their phones. There were probably one or two I would've preferred but I was happy with the one that walked me upstairs. She didn't speak much English but seemed friendly enough. She was probably 5 years older than myself (I'm 30) but it's so difficult to tell with Asian women. At any rate she had a nice face, and a killer little body. I also figured she would be more experienced than the younger looking girls.

Upstairs, she put a towel down on the bed and gestured for me to take my clothes off, and she stepped out. I got naked and lay down on the bed, started to get myself a little warmed up - didn't take much effort, I was pretty damn horny and I'd taken a cialis about 2 hours prior! She came back in, washed my chest, between my legs, and then put my hand into a sink behind my head and washed it (obviously giving permission to play with her).

Her top came down revealing really nice, natural ~B cup breasts with great nipples, and pulled her dress up to reveal a tight sexy little waist, legs and ass. She teased just the right amount, sucking on my nipples while I played with hers between my fingers and groping her ass and legs. When she finally got down to business, she threw her left leg up on the massage bed next to my elbow, giving me a great position to finger her already becoming wet pussy.

She started on the balls and worked up to the head. Her sucking skills were excellent, about 90% BJ 10% HJ. Fantastic noises accompanied. I could have lasted longer if I wanted (I was sober; after a good amount of drinks it can take me an annoyingly long time to cum) but I was sure she would appreciate things finishing up so I blew in her mouth. She kept sucking a good amount, before heading to the sink behind me to spit and use mouthwash.

After all was done I said "400?" to her, as if it wasn't my first time. She agreed, and she motioned for me to pay the lady downstairs. I only had a 500k note on me (I wasn't very well prepared), so when the older lady gave me the 100k change, she gestured for me to give it to the girl who serviced me. Being my first time I wasn't really prepared to argue, and besides I think the 100k tip was worth it anyway.

The captain fare-welled me and said "see you tomorrow!" jokingly or not haha.

I then walked down a little and had my first sit down street meal of broken rice, pork chop, and fried egg, which was absolutely amazing and cheap as hell. Excellent second day in the country, bring on the next couple of months!