Hot Tocs in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

The same person who posted the Queen Bee Massage video also posted a few more videos on YouTube. The video shows a couple more massage place, but I'm not sure if they are hot tocs or full service massage places, but they have a nice looking lineup of girls to choose from.

Does anyone know where these places are in Ho Chi Minh?

The first place is shown at the 5:00 mark, and the second place is at the 8:00 mark.

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There are a ton of these places all over the big cities such as HCMC/Saigon. Just do your research here and you should be good to go.

There are a bunch of places that the locals know about that we don't. My cousin(s) who live in HCMC D1 know about these places. They will be showing me some of these less traveled gems when i get to HCMC in September and October. I will post then.

Youtube is good for some basic intel. It isn't as good as closed sites such as this board, for obvious reasons. I surmise that according to that Youtube video you linked above, that it is one of those on NPK street/block.

But there are better places. Some of those places have been unearthed right here on this Single Man's Forum.
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It's probably one of the other spa/hotels near Queen Bee. In Vietnam, there are no "fish bowl" lineups in storefronts like they have in Bangkok or Pattaya. These are the closest thing to them.

LANLAN is a famous Youtuber for these kinds of hidden camera videos. And since the date stamp is 2018/09/06, the girls have probably rotated by now.
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The place shown in the first video is called Hoa Tulip at 50 Hoang Van Thu in District 9, Ho Chi Minh. Reports from another forum seem very positive. This place does not look like a spa or massage place in the video, and the guy working at the counter doesn't do anything. Once you enter, an older woman will enter the lobby and guide you upstairs. You will see a lineup of girls, similar to Queen Bee, only smaller. The price is 1,200,000 VND for full service.

That's all the information I have on this place. It's located closer to District 1, which might be more convenient than Queen Bee Massage. I have not been here myself, and can only provide the information I've found online.
The post said 1,200,000 plus 200,000 for the tip.

I do not know if the person gave the 200,000 tip out of goodwill, or if that was the massage room charge.

It's probably either 1,200,000 or 1,400,000 VND all inclusive.

I do not know if they offer BBBJ too.

The place that I found more interesting is at the 4:00 mark of the video (since there are two places inside).
I will be visiting HCMC next weekend and staying for a couple days. Planning on visiting couple places in NPK for BJ CIM. Would you guys recommend going to Bennys Hot Toc in Ho Chi Minh or just staying with a blowjob bar on NPK street?

The place in the second video seems to be of establishments in NPK so planning on checking them out. Will post reviews since I'm a new member and would like to contribute.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.
@webertran, since you're staying for a few days, why not do both, or as much as you can?

NPK one day, Benny's the next, Zeus same day at night?

Why shortchange yourself? It is so inexpensive compared to nearly all other countries on Earth.
@webertran, since you're staying for a few days, why not do both, or as much as you can?

NPK one day, Benny's the next, Zeus same day at night?

Why shortchange yourself? It is so inexpensive compared to nearly all other countries on Earth.
After reading through all the reviews, as much as I can, I decided not to head to Bennys and stick with NPK street as much as possible, and then hit up one of the hotel massage shops in District 1, but haven't decided which one yet. I only have 2 days in Ho Chi Minh so my time is limited during this visit.

I'm planning on visiting Boss Palace Massage, Le Han Dai Nam Hotel, Zeus Massage, or the massage place at Gia Huy Hotel. Because I only have time to visit one of these shops, I'm reading as much as possible. Any recommendations?
I've been to Benny's several times as well as NPK street. Benny's is overrated by far. The girls are on NPK are way, way better in every sense of the way. I've been there 10 to 12 times now. I've never had full service on NPK, but that's not what I'm looking for. On NPK, there's a ton of rimming, CIM, and 69. I go from one hot toc to the next on NPK and look at all the girls before choosing one. I want to explore more hot tocs off NPK, and I'm looking for suggestions. I'm also willing to check out a hugging cafe if somebody can point me in the right direction.

I also checked out Phung Thuy Massage. It was unbelievable. Professional, clean, my girl was sexy, and gave a great blowjob plus rimming. Lots of touching. I also went for the extra foot massage in the beginning and that too was worth it. Not sexual, just a great foot and leg massage. What can I say, I like to pamper myself.
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I only have 2 days in Ho Chi Minh so my time is limited during this visit... Any recommendations?
I hope you enjoy your two days in Ho Chi Minh. Going to a blowjob bar one day and a massage place the second day should be a good time. I responded to your recommendation for massage places in Ho Chi Minh.

the massage place at Gia Huy Hotel
I'm not familiar with the massage place at the Gia Huy Hotel in District 1. What have you heard about this place? Are the happy endings handjobs or blowjobs?
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I want to explore more hot tocs off NPK, and I'm looking for suggestions.
The more time you spend in Ho Chi Minh, you have to train your eyes to find these "hot toc goi dau" places, and at night time, the blowjob bars are easier to find because you'll see a red/pink light at the entrance. And the only way of knowing if the happy ending is going to be a handjob or blowjob is to visit. There are several hot tocs along Vo Thi Sau street, not too far from NPK, but they are more expensive because you'll probably pay around 200,000 VND for the room and 500,000 VND more for the blowjob. When you add in the price of the room for the nonexistent massage, it's better to save your money and visit a blowjob bar on NPK, or spend more money for a proper massage and blowjob somewhere else.

When I want to get away from the blowjob bars on NPK street, I try and find the local hot tocs the Vietnamese men visit, where you pay the local Vietnamese prices, cheaper than NPK street. The typical price structure at local Vietnamese hot tocs is 150,000 VND for the ticket and 50,000 VND for the tip. I know 200,000 VND is cheap, but I choose to pay 300,000 VND ($12 USD) every time and the girls are always more than happy. On one occasion, I was in a good mood and the girl gave a great blowjob, and I upped it to 350,000 VND and she was very appreciative because I had only given her 300,000 VND the time before. When you find a girl you like at a local hot toc, they will be happy when you come back and see them for repeat visits. But when going to the local hot tocs off NPK, I don't want to pay more than 300,000 VND because I don't want to drive the prices up. If I want to pay 400,000 VND, I will go to NPK.

Here are some local hot tocs in Ho Chi Minh where blowjobs are cheaper than NPK street:

District 3 / Phu Nhuan District
I pay 300,000 VND ($12 USD) for blowjobs at the hot tocs running along the Thi Nghe Canal (Nhieu Loc) separating District 3 and Phu Nhuan District. There's several hot tocs around the train station area. I've paid 300,000 VND for a blowjob at Thanh Thanh Hot Toc at 789 Hoang Sa, and there are more around that area. Another blowjob bar near there appears to be Quynh Anh Hot Toc at 75 Hoang Sa. And farther west on Hoang Sa street, I've seen Kim Yen Hot Toc at 1073 Hoang Sa, and there's another hot toc across the street at 1096 Hoang Sa.

District 2
The price is 200,000 VND ($9 USD) for a blowjob at Van Anh Hot Toc at 41 Nguyen Thi Dinh. Elsewhere in District 2, there's several hot tocs along Duong Tran Nao street. A couple places that I have not been, but appeared to be blowjob bars when I walked by is Thien Phuc Hot Toc at 86 Duong Tran Nao and Vinh Tu Hot Toc at 35 Duong Tran Nao.

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What time do the hot tocs on NPK close?
This is an awesome and useful question. I am planning on visiting NPK pretty late into the night, maybe around 10pm or 11pm or so. Would they still be open?
There's no official closing time. The hot tocs tend to start closing down as the customers stop showing up. I've walked NPK several times, day and night, and watched some of the hot tocs start closing their doors around 11:00pm, while a few others will stay open for another hour or two.

During the week, from Sunday through Thursday, the hot tocs on NPK are still open around 10:00pm, and things start winding down between 11:00pm to midnight. But even at midnight, there's still a few of them open.

During the weekend, Friday and Saturday, when more people are out and about, the hot tocs on NPK tend to be open later, although I've sometimes gone after midnight on a Saturday and sometimes they're closed up for the night.

My favorite time to go is in the mid to late afternoon. The girls are starting to wake up from their daytime naps and seem to be less tired, compared to the end of their shifts. Walking through at midnight, I've seen the girls looking sleepy as their moto ride picks them up and they go home for the night.

Here you can read about my midnight walk looking for a blowjob on NPK street, as the hot tocs were closing, the Vietnamese police drove down the road as I sat waiting for Vietnamese customers to finish up, and the night ended with a lovely blowjob from a girl that didn't appear to work at the hot toc. By the time my blowjob finished, it was past 1:00am when I called my Grab to take me home for the night.

And this hot toc review on NPK street was around 10:00pm during a weekday, where I saw a beautiful girl sitting out front and only got a handjob for the night.

Going to NPK street around 10:00pm to 11:00pm should be fine. When you walk in, ask to see the girls, and if you don't see one you like, be polite and say thank you and move onto the next hot toc, look at their girls, etc. On one night, I walked the street, popping my head into each one to look at the girls, and then walked back to the hot toc where I saw the best looking girl for the night.

Let us know how it goes, which hot toc on NPK you visit, and what the experience was like.