Hot Tocs in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

How do I find a Hot Toc near me that's a bj parlor and not a barber? I don't really have the balls to just walk into a bunch of random barbershops asking for a "massage". I'm in the area of District 9/Thu Duc
Hoa Tulip is a straight up brothel. They dont even do massage (I think). All the girls are young and cute, apparently theres a lot more choices tomorrow . I chose a cute smily girl but sadly the experience was terrible because it seemed like her first time or something and she seemed upset and really didnt want to do anything but starfish mode. I got the sense she didn't want to be there and felt uncomfortable. At the same time she seemed quite warm and friendly so it was just hard to make sense of it. I don't do paid fs much but wanted to try this place out because i dont like massage beds and I like a line up. Here you basically get a hotel room which was cool.

Anyway once again I just think I got unlucky. I mean It was completely warranted to walk out and ask for a refund, the mamasan asked me repeatedly if she was good. But the girl seemed like was having a sad day and didnt want it to get worse so I didnt say anything. I usually go with the flow with these things.

That said for 1.2million I'd just goto queen bee and get a massage by a super hot girl for an extra 200k. Doubt most of you guys have hang ups about proper beds like me. Tulip seems popular with chinese and korean customers, saw a lot of people coming in and leaving.
Apologies poorly written post above because I was rushed and on a grab. I should add though that the girls are much better than the LANLAN video (where there was only a couple good looking ones). Tomorrow the lady said there was going to be close to 25. On the whole Friday is surprisingly quieter than I remembered it to be here. Might be an end of the month thing.

After that uncomfortable experience, I ended up close to Bui Vien and decided to pop into the OG Vien Dong. I've been here almost a dozen times, its a sure thing ( I needed one after tulip!) You feel like a million bucks and you wonder why you don't go here more often on the way out. But i think why its never on the top of my list is because its so predictable: hot girl, solid massage and clothes on hj. The experience is solid but aways the same and I find that boring.

Things were different this time. My girl really went above and beyond. While almost every provider wants you to cum as soon as they can, this was a well over 20 minute hj and she intended it to be. She kept getting me to climax (which takes longer than average already) and then stopping and switching to my balls while licking my nipples throughout. And she did that maybe 7 times? I was wondering towards the end if she knew how handjobs work. Also, she took her (large) tits out, got on the table and rubbed them on me, free to roam. Considering the protocol here, she really went above and beyond and made the humble HJ something special.

I've never tipped more than the implied 300 tip but had to give her 500 for the sore arm and extra effort. Total price was 790. (would have been 590) with a the regular tip.

All the girls have numbers. Let me know via PM if you want hers. I've also got a few others that Vietnamese business men have recommended to me in the Sauna room but havent tried myself.
District 3 / Phu Nhuan District
I pay 300,000 VND ($12 USD) for blowjobs at the hot tocs running along the Thi Nghe Canal (Nhieu Loc) separating District 3 and Phu Nhuan District. There's several hot tocs around the train station area. I've paid 300,000 VND for a blowjob at Thanh Thanh Hot Toc at 789 Hoang Sa, and there are more around that area. Another blowjob bar near there appears to be Quynh Anh Hot Toc at 75 Hoang Sa. And farther west on Hoang Sa street, I've seen Kim Yen Hot Toc at 1073 Hoang Sa, and there's another hot toc across the street at 1096 Hoang Sa.

District 2
The price is 200,000 VND ($9 USD) for a blowjob at Van Anh Hot Toc at 41 Nguyen Thi Dinh. Elsewhere in District 2, there's several hot tocs along Duong Tran Nao street. A couple places that I have not been, but appeared to be blowjob bars when I walked by is Thien Phuc Hot Toc at 86 Duong Tran Nao and Vinh Tu Hot Toc at 35 Duong Tran Nao.

Last update today 789 Hoang Sa is closed.At 1096 4 ladies and they quote 400 as soon as I entered.I said it s 250 and left.Seems some stupid guys already drove the prices up here too.In this area checked a few places all of them 30+y.o. ladies no young girls so waste of time for me.
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