Hotaru Bar's Danang

Hi Guys

So I really tried finding some sort of places in danang for some fun times. Not much on here. I found these girls on Line next to their name it sys Hataru 8 or 15 or a number.

Went to Hotaru 15. Had no idea what to expect. Got in and all girls lined up at bar in same dresses with name tags and asked if I wanted a room. Had no idea what it was so declined as i was sussing it out.

I had a beer, spoke to the girls and they were all young and extremely friendly and chirpy even though I told them I was just having a beer.

I slowly worked out that these rooms seem like the ktv bars you guys have mentioned. They join and play games drink sing etc.

My beer was so expensive ha ha and had to pay a big tip.

It definitely seems a place to do a group thing then maybe worth while.

Does anyone else know of these or have further information?
Ah i just had one beer. Cost was 144k... Then I had to pay 279k... For talking to the girls.

It is definitely something to do in a group and arrive having drunk somewhere else already.

Girls were really cool.

If I was rich as well I would of just gone for it ha ha but I had a feeling it would not be cheap but also hence I am trying to see who has knowledge of these places although talking to one of the girls now. To find out exactly what it is about.
Oh yes also in the same area of this bar was many massage places with VIP which you won't find easily here like hcmc.

Tried a spa out hoping she would offer. Girl turned me on then never offered ha ha. But had to give it a go. I would of asked but didn't want to offend her and the massage was good.