Hotel 163 Massage Review - Penang, Malaysia

Southeast Asia
This is a review of Hotel 163 Massage, a hotel that also operates as a massage parlor in George Town, Penang, Malaysia. This massage parlor is located at Hotel 163, and the massage parlor uses the names 163 Massage and 163 Thai Massage.

My visit was on a Wednesday late afternoon. I was not a guest of the hotel. I was staying elsewhere in Penang, Malaysia and found several massage parlors using WeChat. Once you add these massage parlors to your WeChat, you will receive daily updates with pictures of available girls. None of the girls from the different massage parlors looked that great, and I settled on Hotel 163 Massage.

Talking on WeChat, they were very clear that no blowjobs or sex was offered. They only provided massages and handjobs. I asked who was better between 2 different girls, and they said one of the girls was good at massages. I chose the 60 minute massage and handjob session for RM90 ($22 USD) and scheduled an appointment time.

I took a shower at my place and walked over, drinking some cold water along the way. The hotel was easy to find and looked like a reputable, normal hotel within the George Town city. As I walked inside, this place did not look like a massage parlor. There were a couple men at the hotel receptionist desk, and I felt like I was in the wrong place.

I told the man I have an appointment, and he was expecting me and confirmed the girl and the massage session. He asked me to change to a longer massage package, and I declined. Payment was required before the massage session, and I paid him RM90 and followed him to a small room nearby. This room was on the first floor, only a few steps away from the hotel receptionist desk. This was not a standard hotel rooms that guests stayed in. There appeared to be 3 small rooms at the hotel lobby hallway, and I'm assuming these rooms were for massages and the above floors had hotel rooms for hotel guests.

The room looked very nice and was very clean, the air conditioner was turned on, and the darkness of the room had a nice feel because of blue LED lighting going along the top of the room. There was a mattress, wrapped in sheets, laying atop a raised wooden bed housing designed for massages. There was a full wardrobe with hangers available for my clothes, and a nice standing shower in the corner. For a massage parlor, this place looked premium. Instead of getting undressed, I took a few pictures of the room on my phone and have included these in this post.

After a few minutes, there's a knock at the door and a girl walks in. Yes, this was the girl I chose from the pictures made available on WeChat, but she looked better in the photo than in person. The photo was probably an old picture because she had gained some weight since it was taken. I wanted to have some small talk with her, but she didn't seem too talkative and didn't smile much. She motioned for me to undress and store my clothes in the wardrobe, and she turned her phone on to play some Asian music in the background.

I lay down on the bed, naked, on my chest. This was not an oil massage. This was a dry massage using her hands and strength, and she gave a very good massage. The girl was thicker and stronger than most girls, and I can only assume she had some good experience giving massages. She took her time, starting at my legs and working her way up my back and across my neck and shoulders. There was no sensual touching, only a really good massage and some Asian music I could not understand playing in the background.

She has me turn over on my back and says she will remove her clothes and let me touch her for an extra RM50. As I mentioned before, this girl was not attractive, and I didn't want to spend anymore money towards seeing this girl get naked for a handjob. The second thing is I arrived at the massage parlor with only the exact amount of money for the services I asked for. I left the rest of my money, along with my credit card and ID, at my hotel because I didn't want to be taken advantage of and possibly lose my possessions during the massage. I told her the truth and said I don't have that much money with me. She asked me how much money I would be willing to pay, and it seemed like she would accept almost anything reasonable to make a few extra dollars for her services. I said I didn't have any more money because I needed to go to the ATM, and I said she could leave her clothes on.

She put some oil on her hands and starts to give me a handjob. I wasn't too turned on because the girl wasn't that attractive, and my body was feeling relaxed from her good massage. When my body wasn't responding as it should, I asked to touch her breasts and she agreed. I was not able to feel inside her shirt because she was wearing layered shirts that didn't move. Her breasts were big and full in my hands and felt good enough. I closed my eyes, and she continued to use oil to give me a below average handjob. I eventually got turned on hard and cum, but I wish she would have continued to give me the handjob as I released. A few more seconds stroking me as I cum would have made the release feel much better.

She stands up after the handjob and provides me a towel for the shower. The shower was nice, modern, and felt good on the muscles after the massage. I dry off and get dressed, while she cleans the room and remakes the bed. She was slightly more talkative at this point, and I realized she spoke decent English. I asked her where in Malaysia she is from, and she tells me she is from Thailand and came to Penang for work. I say goodbye, leave the room, and there again are the men at the hotel reception desk. I politely say thank you as I walk out of the hotel into the warm Malaysian sun.

The massage was good. The happy ending was not good. The girl wasn't attractive, and her handjob skills were poor. But my body and muscles were feeling good from the massage, and now it was time to find some dinner somewhere in Penang.